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Ant Problem in Markham, ON

Ant problems are something that many homeowners have to deal with. Ant colonies can grow extremely large. Some species can even sting. Additionally, it’s simply a nuisance to find ants crawling throughout your home. Ant problems can become worse over time as they move from your yard or the local area to inside your home. Our company offers professional ant extermination services in Markham.

How Can Ants Enter A Home?

Ants can enter a home through any small crack that leads from the outside to the inside. All ant colonies have scouts that forage for food, sometimes up to miles away. They can lead workers to your home once they find an entrance way. Many homes have food in abundance lying around. Ants can even be attracted to the scent of it. They can even enter through the crack at the bottom of your door.

Why Do Ants Enter Homes?

Ant colonies have scouts that forage throughout the area near its nest in search of food. Having an ant infestation in your yard could mean that ant scouts will find its way into your home. Possible food sources include garbage, spilled drinks, food that’s been left out, food in storage, and others. Once they find the food, they will go back to inform the workers in the colony. This can lead to an ant invasion in the home. Ants are particularly attracted to food that are high in sugar and/or protein.

Some ant colonies may not only forage inside a home, but also build a nest in it. Homes offer shelter to ants and their larvae by giving protection from the rain, cold, heat, sun, wind, and even natural predators.

The Health Hazards Of Ants

Some species of ants can sting. The same type of species are also more aggressive. Some Individuals may be sensitive to their venom, making stings a possible medical emergency. In general, stings are painful and can result in redness and soreness for days. Additionally, severe infestations may mean that parts of the property will be avoided by people and pets, in fear of stings or just having ants crawling on them.

How To Get Rid Of An Ant Infestation

There are many commercial insecticides designed to target ants. However, the ants you see on the surface of your property is only a fraction of the colony’s true size. As long as the nest is untouched and the queen can still reproduce, simply spraying ants will not be effective in dealing with ant infestations.

Professional Ant Extermination Services, Both Indoors And Outdoors

Our company offers effective ant elimination services that targets the problem at its roots. Our trained and reliable technicians are skilled at inspecting properties for ants and getting rid of ant nests. We are happy to answer any questions you have. In addition, we offer general quotes over the phone and book service appointments immediately. We look forward to hearing from you. Call now for more information and advice! Ant Problem in Markham, ON call (647) 557-7978.

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