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Ant Problem in Markham, ON

Ants are one of the most common household pests in North America. In the spring these small but mighty insects can sneak into your home, take up residence, and refuse to leave on their own. Some ants are just there for something tasty, while others, like carpenter ants are there to nest in the wood that supports your house. In any case there are a few signs to look out for if you feel like your home has an ant problem.

The Signs

The first sign of an ant infestation is an ant sighting. Sightings of wingless dark coloured ants inside the home signal the presence of worker ants. Although sightings of ants may not mean that there is an infestation, as ants tend to forage for food a great distance away from their nests. It is important to prevent ants from sticking around your home by cleaning up any spilled food or drinks, cleaning out garbage cans, and sealing cracks around doors and windows. If you still are seeing these ants inside your home away from food sources it can mean that there are carpenter ants present.  

Typically when a carpenter ant infestation exists in your home you will also find frass. Frass is debris produced by ants as they carve their way through your wooden items. It looks like small pieces of sawdust or wood shavings, and it is a great indicator that ants are tunneling their way through your home. After discovering the frass another great way to make sure you’ve found the ants is to listen for sound. Ant colonies will make sounds detectable by the human ear when they are disturbed. Tap on the suspected colony area and place your ear against it, if you can hear a sound chances are there’s ants in there.

Once you’ve discovered there is an ant infestation you have to get rid of the problem. Most home remedies work over time but that is only after you identify what type of ant is actually in your home. For instance, the carpenter ants don’t bring food back to their nests, so if you want to rid yourself of them you have to rid yourself of the source.

What to do with your ant problem?

It’s important to remember, colony numbers can be as high as 500,000 and they can relocate quickly when threatened. And most in home remedies only attack the ants you do see, not the actual source of the problem. In order to make sure you get at the source of your ant problem use professionals. Our company has highly skilled professionals, able and willing to rid your home of ants. Give us a call; our technicians would love to answer any questions you may have about the ants in your home. We can provide you with general quotes so that you can get your service appointment booked right away. We will make sure that your home becomes ant free that much sooner. Ant Problem in Markham, ON call (647) 557-7978.

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