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Bat Removal Toronto ON Signs Of A Bat Infestation

Are You Battling Bats In Your Home?


Does the name Batman ring a bell? The masked vigilante keeps bad guys at bay with a little help from his bat-like sensibilities. While Batman may be fun to watch in blockbuster movies or read about in comic books, it’s safe to say dealing with a real life bat infestation in your home is never a matter of entertainment.


The Background on Bats


There are hundreds of bat species in existence. These nocturnal creatures are capable of squeezing through small holes and crevices to take up residence in your home. Due to their nocturnal nature, they prefer dark corners and can often be found hiding out in attics. They enter homes through vents located in the attic with exterior openings. Unfortunately, bats enjoying roosting in groups so it is best to remove any bat activity as soon as it is discovered to prevent further accumulation.


These mammals tend to hibernate during the winter so they seek places that are covered and warm, which is why the end up in residential dwellings. While they might be unwanted houseguests, their source of food is something many people would also prefer to avoid - insects. They use SONAR to locate their prey and emit a high-pitched sound while in search of sustenance.


How To Tell If Your Home Is Infested With Bats


First look for any areas that have unsealed crevices and dark corners in your home that a bat would likely be able to enter through. If you have an attic, check all areas to make sure there are no major openings and search for evidence of bat droppings. If bat activity is discovered, do not attempt bat removal Toronto without professional assistance.


Cleaning Up With Care


Bats tend to leave behind a mess when they make their way into a home. Their urine has a strong odour and their droppings contain toxins that are harmful if inhaled by humans.One of the most well-known is histoplasmosis, which can lead to a host of respiratory problems. If you decide to clean up the bat droppings - known as guano - yourself, it is imperative appropriate protective gear is worn.  Ideally one should wear protective gear on hands and feet along with some kind of stain-resistant outerwear. When cleaning, it is absolutely necessary to wear protective respiratory gear to prevent the inhalation of the hazardous bacteria found in guano.


Let Us Help You Be Rid of Bats


Although bats are not violent towards humans, they can still cause a lot of commotion in a home. Never attempt to extract a bat colony from your home, instead let one of our trained pest control experts take on the task. Our staff are knowledgeable in humane and efficient bat removal Toronto tactics and will ensure your home is a safe and pest-free space. Call us and we can provide you with a quote or answer any questions you may have. We are waiting to hear from you! Bat Removal Toronto ON Signs Of A Bat Infestation call (647) 557-7978.