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Many people are under the impression that bats are an issue that is exclusive to rural areas throughout the country. This is not the case however. While encounters with these winged creatures are not common in large metropolitan areas, they are not unheard of. They can be found in parks at dusk leaving their nests to hunt for the night. Sometimes they even work their way into houses and build their nest there.


Attics and unused garages are the favourite spots of bats, because they are protected from the elements and are typically undisturbed and unvisited by humans. If you discover that bats have made one of these places in your home, their home, your first reaction will probably be to try to get rid of them.


This the right reaction because while they are not typically vicious animals, bats do carry a number of different diseases that can be passed on to humans. Their droppings can also cause health concerns due to the bacteria that comes with the territory. If you have young ones or the elderly living with you, these concerns are only amplified as they tend to be more susceptible to illness.


Trapping Bats


When you discover you have bats in your home you should call a professional for help. It is the law in Ontario that bats are not to be harmed or killed by humans. This makes trapping bats the only method of removal. The bats will then have to be handled and set free elsewhere. This is a job best left to the professionals due to the health risks that they pose to you and your family.


The traps used are humane and non intrusive for the bat. One all the bats have left your home, a one way trap is set at the entry points that they use to access the structure. Upon return they find themselves trapped in these cages which will also be used to transport them to another site to be set free. At this point it is best to seal up the entrances they used in order to prevent future infestations.


It is worth noting however that the time of year must be taken into consideration when trapping bats. You should wait until the young have grown. Otherwise you will find yourself with a litter of baby bats with no mother to care for them, creating more complications in your life. A professional pest controller in your region will be able to best advise you in these regards however.


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