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Bat Removal Toronto, ON

Bats Are Pests Too

Often times when people think of pests they consider the most common ones such as cockroaches, bed bugs, ants, wasps, rodents, and many others. Not many realize that bats are also a pestilence. Much like spiders, they can be a natural pest control agent as they tend to keep down the population of many flying insects. However, for bat removal, it is best to call on trained professionals to handle their elimination. We will implement the correct techniques and procedures required for eradicating such vermin.

Bats – Primary Carriers of Rabies

It is important to note that bats are renowned as the primary carriers of rabies. Rabies can be transmitted through the bat’s saliva. Open wounds, eyes, noses, and mouths are all areas that the saliva can be transferred; so humans if bitten, can contract the disease. Being infected with rabies can often result in death.

Thus the presence of bats can be very detrimental to the health of humans and animals. Aside from rabies, bats are also carriers of various other serious diseases. It is best that if they are seen in your home to have them removed so as not to put the your well being or your family’s at risk.

Habitat & Lifespan

In your home, bats often occupy the insides of walls, roofs, and attics. They choose such elevated spaces because they are ideal for nesting and raising their offspring. Areas such as these provide the comfort and safety needed for contently being hidden from dangers. However, these animals are nocturnal and this creates a serious problem for homeowners.

During the night, a bat’s activity is amplified and with activity comes loud noises and shrieks that are produced by the bats. Screeches from bats can disrupt slumber and cause distress. Furthermore, with a lifespan of 20 years, and one offspring yearly, bats can continue to dwell within the walls of your home for the span of their life. As long as conditions continue to be ideal for them, your home will continue to be their permanent residence.

Call Experts For Professional Bat Removal

No one wants to have unwanted pests in their home. Especially if these pests are affecting your sleeping pattern and causing you to be wide-awake in the night. You definitely want them out of your home and away from your family. As the main carriers of rabies, you certainly want to safeguard your family from these animals. Should you suspect that bats are in your home, call on our experts for bat removal.

The correct protocols and techniques will be adopted to humanely remove bats. Eliminating pests is what we do and by coming into your home we can show you how effective our services are. We are dependable technicians who are trustworthy and reliable. You can be certain that as we enter your home, bats will be relinquished to a thing of the past. Give us a call and allow us to help you. We look forward to your call. Bat Removal Toronto, ON call (647) 557-7978.



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