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Bed Bug Spray Methods in Ajax, ON

Bed bug are an increasingly common problem in Ontario. We offer professional bed bug spray services in Ajax. Our technicians are reliable and have years of experience in managing bed bugs for families, rental management, public housing, businesses, and more.

Signs Of A Bed Bug Infestation

Most people find themselves with itchy red bug bites on their body. Other signs include spotting in bugs in your home and/or noticing black specks on the seams of your mattress, which are bed bug wastes.

Bed Bugs Are Persistent

Bed bugs can live for a year without feeding. Their eggs are resilient and can cause a home to be re-infested even if all the adult bed bugs are eliminated.

Health Risks Caused By Bed Bugs

The main health risk is interrupting sleep, a vital necessity. Many find it difficult to rest in their own homes and this can lead to a reduction in their quality of life, lost work productivity, and psychological distress.

Finding And Eliminating Bed Bugs

The main area of infestation is the bed in most cases. Bed bugs are found mainly in the seams and sides of the mattress. However, bed bugs can inhabit other areas in the home besides the bed. They also like to live in the bed’s headboard, box springs, and other wooden furniture. Successfully pest control requires careful inspections of the infestation areas.

Other areas include the carpet, fabrics such as linen and clothing, cushioned couches, and even the cracks of your home. An often overlooked area is the inside of electronics such as clocks, televisions, computers, and so on. Eliminating the infestation requires killing all the adults, including the ones that hatch from the remaining eggs. This often requires multiple treatments of bed bug spray.

Furthermore, bed bugs can travel from one home to another. This makes pest control in apartments and jointed homes even more difficult as spraying can cause the bed bugs to move from one home to another, only to re-infest the original home once it’s clear. It’s highly recommended that the entire building is sprayed with bed bug pesticides even if only a single home was found to be affected.

Our company is experienced in working with apartments, public housing, townhouses, condos, and property management for bed bug spray methods.

Pesticides Are Part Of Pest Management

Other methods are recommended to be used in addition with bed bug sprays. This includes laundering all linens and clothing in hot water to kill the insects and their eggs. Additionally, they should be kept in sealed plastic bags until our technicians inspect the home to be clear. The floor, especially the carpets, and other soft furniture must be thoroughly vacuumed.

Our Guarantee

Our technicians are experts at inspecting homes, apartments, buildings, and businesses for bed bugs and other pests. We have years of experience and perfected our methods in eliminating bed bugs. Call now for an immediate service booking and a general quote over the phone. Our technicians will be pleased to hear from you and to answer your questions for Bed Bug Spray Methods in Ajax, ON at (647) 557-7978.

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