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Bed Bugs Are Back In Toronto ON Call Us For Bed Bugs Control

After nearly a century of declining reported instances of bed bugs, they are back for a new generation. Major cities across the world have experienced an increase in bed bugs, to the annoyance of many city-dwellers.

The reason as to what caused the influx of these night-time insects is unclear with some blaming bans on pesticides. Others cite evolution on the part of the insects, increased international mobility is another theory, and even a rise in popularity of second-hand furniture. Regardless of the reasons though, it is a real problem that must be dealt with.

Bed bugs cause itchy bites and rashes for some people, and their presence has also been known to cause psychological effects like anxiety in some. They are very easy to spread and carry a social stigma with them, so the best scenario is to be aware so that you can catch them early. This is the easiest way to ensure that the problem corrected on the first attempt.

What You Can Do

High heat is the best way to kill the bugs. Cold temperatures won’t necessarily be as effective. You should run all of your fabrics through a dryer on a high temperature for at least 20 minutes, this includes dry-clean only clothing. It should still be put through the dryer even if you do not wash it first. Once it has been cleaned, place all of these items in a plastic bag and seal them so they do not get re-infested.

Books, papers and other loose items that the bugs can borough into should be placed in a plastic bag and tightly tied without any oxygen able to get in. Place these aside for a couple months without opening the bags in order to suffocate the insects. Wood in another material that these bugs often borough into, so be wary of any second hand wood that you bring into your home, as well as fabrics.

The Professionals

Professional exterminators will then come in to determine the severity of the infestation, as well as the sources. They are your best bet in bed bugs control because of their experience and knowledge in this particular area. If you have any questions in regards to what to do when dealing with fabrics and furniture, they are the best to ask.

Let Us Help

Our company has a long history in bed bugs control, among other kinds of pests, all across the Greater Toronto Area. We employ the best in the field, and all our exterminators are experienced, highly trained, and fully licensed professionals. They will utilize all of these qualities in order to ensure that your home is properly ridden of bed bugs the first time so that you can go back to focusing on what is most important in life. So give us a call! We will give you a quote and can book an appointment right away. Bed Bugs Are Back In Toronto ON Call Us For Bed Bugs Control call (647) 557-7978.

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