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Bird Removal Toronto, ON

We don’t always think about birds as pests, but unfortunately our feathered friends can become an unwanted nuisance. Birds often enter through very small entry points in our homes and buildings. Once they find a warm, safe place they will build nests and lay their eggs. Perhaps you have heard birds near or in your exhaust pipes or even your dryer. There chirping in your building is not a pleasant sound. We are the place to call for bird removal Toronto.

Do not let birds like starlings cause extensive property damage to your home or building. They can easily clog your chimneys, roof vents, gutters and drainpipes. Of course birds like many other pests leave excrement wherever they go. Not exactly what you want in your attic or garage or wherever they may be.

What To Do

Get rid of these pesky birds right away. Your first point of action is to give us a call. After that we take care of the rest. We will visit your workplace or residence and locate the birds’ entry points. We want to make sure we find all their secret passage ways in order to make sure that they cannot come back in.

Bird nests aren’t always the little tight nests you see in trees. They can be extremely messy and extend over several metres. They can clog important parts of your home.

There are many humane ways to remove birds and their nests. We make sure that bay birds we find (who are not able to fly) remain safe. We attempt to remove the whole nest and birds. We can also install a temporary baby box that is near the nest in order for the babies to mature. They can be relocated when they are ready and mature. Our hands-on approach enables mother birds to re-enter and take care of their young if needed.

We Have The Expertise You’re Looking For

We take care of birds by relocating birds safely. Our skilled technicians follow all provincial guidelines. We are wildlife experts for bird removal Toronto. Our humane approach to bird removal lessens injury and stress for birds and their young. We do not lock out mother birds from their babies or lock the young into your home or building. That is simply inhumane. Leaving birds to die in buildings is inefficient and unsafe. It can also be very costly to remove dead bird carcasses from vents, roofs and other places.

Call Today

We take care of you by making sure we work fast and hard to remove the birds and their nests safely and efficiently. We also use high quality materials to seal all potential entry points. Using metal screening eliminates future birds to find homes in your home or building. Bird removal Toronto can be easy, just by call us. Our services are catered to your bird problem. We can schedule a visit as soon as possible. For humane bird removal, we are the place to call. We are the place who will help. We will be pleased to answer your questions. Bird Removal Toronto, ON call (647) 557-7978.

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