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Burlington, ON and Fire Ants

Small Ants but Painful Bite

Fire ants are small little insects that pack a painful bite. These ants have acquired their name from the sensation emitted when they bite their victim. Bites from these ants are said to resemble the feeling that ensues after being burned by a fire.  For ants that are pretty small in size, normally ranging from 2 millimetres to 6 millimeters, they pack a pretty powerful sting.  As evolving pests in Canada, it significant that many become aware of how unpleasant these little critters are.

Why You Should be Concerned

Perhaps you are wondering how exactly these small living things can cause so much alarm and pain. When these ants pierce your skin, it is their jaw that fastens onto your skin and causes a sting. At this point venom is released and can cause an adverse reaction. After this has occurred pain will certainly follow. For those who are less sensitive to the bites of these insects, irritation, sores and pus filled cavities can form which can become infected if scratched or irritated.

Those with hypersensitivity to their bites, will can suffer severe and possible fatal reactions not treated correctly. Chest pains, nausea, inhibition to breath, incoherent speech, and swelling can transpire.  Fire ants are surely terrifying insects that will bite and sting anything in their way. This includes other insects or animals, pets, young children and also you. They are very aggressive and protective of their colony.

Habitat & Nourishment

These ants often make their nests around rotting logs, trees, soil, piles of dirt, and excavate burrows in the ground for the purpose of nesting and supporting the transport of their colony. Dry climates do not provide ideal conditions for their survival. Thus moist areas and climates tend to be the most suitable for them. Areas abundant with grass, sunlight, humidity and moisture such as fields, parks, and meadows are appropriate.

However, if these ants are unable to find nourishment, they will find it by making their way into homes and whatever area can provide them with consistent sustenance. The attraction of littered food, crumbs, and animal or insect carcasses can encourage these pests to invade any area. They’re diet is very adaptable. Once they have established a supply of food, they will build their nest within proximity.

Professionals Understand & Can Help

Our company is well aware of how active these ants are. We know for certain how painful their bites can be and how much of a concern they can present to you and your family. Should these ants be present in your home, we encourage you to call on our experts to help you.

We understand the behaviours of these insects and as skilled technicians, we are aware of the techniques required in purging them from your home. Responsible, and dependable experts to provide you with the service and assistance you need. Please feel liberated in contacting us. We look forward to speaking with you and booking your call. Burlington, ON and Fire Ants call (647) 557-7978.


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