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Carpenter Ants in House near in Mississauga, ON

There are lots of different types of ants – small, big, black, red – and then there are carpenter ants. How do you know if you have this type of any? What does it mean for your residence? And what can you do about them?

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In Canada, there are red and black varieties. Red carpenter ants are actually dark brown and red brown, while the black ones are dark brown-black. They measure a quarter of an inch to an inch long and feature bent, segmented antennae. Both males and females have wings during mating season. Their bodies have three sections.

Why These Pests Are Destructive

Carpenter ants can damage wooden objects and are troublesome inside the home because they will forage for and eat human food. They burrow into wood by tunneling and pushing away the wood dust and shavings. That is how they make their nests. They may sound a lot like termites. The difference, however, is that termites have straight antennae and no waist, and are only found in specific locations across Canada.

Carpenter ants like moist and rotting wood – in fact, when they are around, it likely means that there is a rot problem. These ants tend to nest in wooden trim, steps and window sills. They can also be found in spaces that do not require tunnelling such as hollows in walls, attics and behind furniture, cabinets and even in insulation.

These pests gain access to your home via windows, foundation cracks, cables (power and/or telephone), ducts, wood outbuildings, firewood stored in the house, and tree branches or leaves touching the house.

You might be able to tell that you have an infestation by spotting the sawdust or wood shavings that they leave behind, noticing one to several ants, or hearing a dry rustling noise inside the walls. Make sure to look in areas where you might find several ants, such as under the kitchen sink or areas with moist or rotting wood.

What You Can Do

If you have an infestation, you want them gone. Not only are they tunneling through your wood, causing damage, these ants are also big and unsightly. When they start flying around in the spring trying to get outside for mating season, it can be an uncomfortable sight. We can help you get rid of these ants safely and effectively. We have reliable methods that we use with complete professionalism and regard for your property. Our technicians are skilful and available to provide information and answer your questions. We are renowned in Mississauga and beyond for our commitment to quality service and courteous manner. All you need to do to start the solution is give us a call. We’ll be able to share information and some general quotes with you. Then we’ll talk about when we can get a technician out to help – usually within 24 hours. We can’t wait to help, so give us a call to start the process today for Carpenter Ants in House near in Mississauga, ON call (647) 557-7978.

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