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Quick Chipmunk Removal Toronto, ON

Chipmunks can be very cute. We watch cartoons about them, read books about them and smile when one passes by. But when these little critters choose your home, garden or building for their home, they may not seem so sweet. Leaving urine, excrement, shells, food, and gnawing on your things may not make them seem so cute anymore. Digging and burrowing in your garden may not make them seem so cute anymore. They often damage the interior and exterior of your property. Where there is one chipmunk, there can be many.


If you have a chipmunk infestation they might be eating or destroying your prized flowers and plants. They might be causing structural damage to your property. Those new patio stones could be destroyed or your stairway could even give in. Our skilled team of professionals know how to remove chipmunks from your property and work diligently to make your problem a worry of the past. We are the place to call for chipmunk removal Toronto.

We can eradicate the problem without eradicating the animal. How do we do this? We offer information, advice and recommendations as part of our services. For example removing debris like firewood or wood chips can help. We use safe repellents like fox urine to help chipmunks choose another place for their home. Leave the repellents for the professionals as many repellents can be unsafe or irritating for your pets.


We also trap chipmunks to take back control. We have high quality live capture mesh traps made out of wire to offer a humane approach to chipmunk eradication. Our competent technicians track chipmunk behaviour and look for signs of their pathways in your garage, garden or anywhere they frequent. After trapping we relocate the chipmunk or chipmunks far away from your home or building. Chipmunks have very strong instincts and will attempt to return to their food stash. Our staff understands rodent behaviour and has been trained to deal with humane chipmunk removal. Chipmunks also can carry diseases like rabies. We safely handle the rodents so you do not have too.

Call us for safe and humane chipmunk removal Toronto. We are available to answer your call and discuss your specific situation. A member from our well-qualified team will be able to come to your location and provide a fair quotation. We strive to offer reliable and trustworthy services. We have been in the business for many years and have eradicated many rodent issues in your neighbourhood. You can read testimonials or find out for yourself how fast and efficient our services are.

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Chipmunks can be cute, when they are in a park. They are not so cute when they wreak havoc on your property. We can take care of the problem and work with a conscience. Our humane approach will eradicate the problem without eradicating the animal. Call us for chipmunk removal Toronto. Don’t wait another day. Those pesky little critters will keep on quietly destroying your home, your backyard and any other place they call their home. Let them roam free… away from your property. Contact us now. Quick Chipmunk Removal Toronto, ON call (647) 557-7978.

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