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Real Commercial Pest Control Services in Toronto, ON


Commercial Pest Control


Safeguarding your business against pests & rodents by means of commercial pest control is critical as it can substantially impact the bottom line of your business. We start with an in-depth inspection of premises to ascertain the extent of infestation and after locating the correct species we re-explore the facility to determine highly infested areas and probable entry & exit outlets. The next step includes monitoring pest activity and eliminating pests based on their inherent biology and lifestyle.


Eradication of rodents, insects or wildlife from your property is a matter of concern due its adverse effect on employees’ health and security of those who are dwelling. Get flat 30 dollars off and same day service by just calling 647-557-7978.

Birds can become harmful pests by their activities like injecting diseases or ectoparasites within human surroundings, creating harmful working and residing environments, generating sound and depositing accumulations, infecting food items and developing structural imbalances.

Hawkeye constitutes sole authorized Pest Bird Management Specialist in Toronto & Golden Horseshoe offering commercial bird control through permanent removal and control of pest pegions and sea gulls along with geese by various methods like raptors. Facilities comprise Bird-Coil & Spikes, Ledge Protection Mechanisms, Balcony and Capture Netting, Cleaning and Sanitizing, Bird-Slide and Bird-Wire, Nest Disposal, Shooting and Netting plus Exclusion. Other pest birds consist of Cormorants & Doves, Crows & Ducks, Grackels and Robins apart from Sparrows & Starlings.

T&T furnishes effective commercial pest control services across GTA, Oakville and other Toronto areas with discounts and written warranty at economical rates. They attend diverse pest issues featuring ants, bedbugs, earwigs, Carpet Beetles, all types of Roaches besides ticks and flies. For your regular monthly prophylactic pest management needs or single pest problem you can bank on City and Country with its constant and on demand services. Real Commercial Pest Control Services in Toronto, ON call (647) 557-7978 today for same day and discreet service.


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