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Ideal Flea Extermination in Toronto, ON

There are many misconceptions about fleas in pets. Flea infections are more harmful to pets than just itchiness. They can transmit harmful diseases, sometimes to humans as well. Even worse, they have the potential to even kill in some unfortunate cases. Our highly rated company offers a variety of different pest control services for flea problems. We provide a one-of-a-kind solution to dealing with flea infestations and expert advice to help pet owners like you.

Types Of Fleas

There are many types of fleas in the world. In fact, there are over 1900! However, there is only one species that infect pets: Ctenocephalides felis, otherwise known as the cat flea. This type of flea has been found in the vast majority of flea infestation cases in pets. Learning more about the Ctenocephalides felis can help you understand how to better deal with it if your pets become infected.

The Reasons Why Fleas Are Harmful To Pets

Fleas are particularly damaging to young pets, elderly pets, and disabled pets. They is because those groups are the least able to clean themselves and are more at-risk for diseases because of weaker immune systems. Fleas are able to feed more readily if a pet is unable to clean itself. Also, the pet may suffer more if it experiences the excessive itching that commonly accompanies fleas and is unable to relieve it through scratching.

Fleas can be potentially life-threatening as the condition can cause anemia. This is when the pet is suffering excessive blood loss from a severe case of the fleas. Immediate flea treatment is necessary. Emergency veterinary care may be recommended.

Furthermore, fleas can transmit diseases such as the common tapeworm infections, Feline Infectious Anemia, and Cat Scratch Fever. Some of these diseases may be harmful to your pet’s health. They have the potential to reduce your pet’s quality of life and potentially shorten it as well.

Common Misconceptions About Fleas

Some people may believe that fleas can only infect outdoor pets. Others may believe that a flea problem is related to carpeting in their homes. Both of these types of people are wrong. Fleas can transmit to indoor pets as well as outdoor pets. It doesn’t take a trip outdoors for Fluffy to catch the fleas. The pests can transmit from animal to animal indoors as well. This is most likely the case if your home is infested with rodents like mice and rats. Another misconception is that fleas require a carpet to infest a home. Fleas can harbor in a variety of different areas including your furniture.

How To Get Expert Help And Advice

Our company offers professional flea management services to households throughout Toronto. Many satisfied families recommend our services for flea infestations. Our friendly and reliable technicians have years of experience. We are more than happy to answer any of your questions. Call now for a general quote over the phone and we’ll book your appointment for service immediately. We look forward to hearing from you. Ideal Flea Extermination in Toronto, ON call (647) 557-7978.

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