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Flea Extermination in Toronto, ON

It’s the time of year when pets are spending a lot of time outdoors. You cat or dog seems to be scratching a lot lately. Could your pet have fleas? If they do, what does that mean for you, your family, and your home? Sounds like you need to know more about flea extermination.

All About Fleas

Fleas are insects that are a red brown colour. They suck blood from animals but will also bite people. Fleas cannot fly but they can jump very high and cover a lot of ground. This makes it easy to travel from animal to animal to move around.

Fleas have strong flat bodies and this makes it very hard to kill them by stomping on them. Because of this, fleas can very easily live in your home in places like the carpet, even though a lot of people and pets are walking on it every day. This also makes it hard to know that you have an infestation. You may see the fleas jump onto parts of your house such as the curtains, carpet or furniture. Your pets may also give you clues that fleas are in the house.

How Fleas and Pets Are Related

If a flea has found your pet, you might see them on their fur. They will appear as little dots and there will probably be a few of them. Fleas will make your pet lick, bite and scratch their fur, sometimes vigorously. The bites might scab over and these scabs are somewhat easier to see. Your pet may lose fur on part of their body. Because your pet is losing blood to the fleas, they may also be anemic, or have anemia, which means blood loss. This shows up as pale gums in pets. A more serious complication of fleas for your pet is tapeworm. This can happen because some tapeworm types use fleas as their means to get into different animals.

Getting Rid of Fleas

There are steps you can take to try to get rid of fleas on your own, including vacuuming the carpet, curtains and furniture and emptying the vacuum bag outside of the house. Flea collars and flea powder might work for some mild cases. What happens if that doesn’t work, though, or if you and your family are getting flea bites and you want to get rid of fleas immediately? If you are thinking flea extermination, you’ve come to the right place. We have the safest and most effective methods to get rid of your flea problem. We are professional. We are reliable. We are always polite and respectful of your home. We are wealth of information and can answer your questions and provide tips about preventing fleas from returning. When you looking for the best treatments in Toronto, give us a call. We’ll be happy to provide you with information over the phone and schedule your appointment just as quickly as possible. We look forward to your call for Flea Extermination in Toronto, ON call (647) 557-7978.

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