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Best Flying Ants in Toronto, ON

Have you noticed a flying insect in your home? Seeing a flying ant in your home is particularly troubling because it is a sign of an ant colony nearby. There are several species of insects that can infest a home including ants. Our company offers professional ant control services in Toronto.

What Are Flying Ants?

Another name for the flying ant is alate. They are the male members of the ant species and are capable of reproduction unlike the worker ants, all of which are female and sterile. Their purpose is to fly away from their colony of origin in order to find the queen ants of other colonies and to mate with them. The male flying ant will die after mating and its sperm will remain in the queen for reproductive purposes. This ensures the genetic diversity of the ants species.

Some species of ants also have female winged ants. These are larger than their male counterparts. Once a female winged ant has mated, it will shed its wings and start laying offsprings. This can lead to the establishment of a new colony.

The Common Structure Of An Ant Colony

There are three types of ants: the queen, males, workers, and soldiers. The queen gives birth to all of the ants in the colony. She mates with male flying ants from other colonies in order to do this. Workers are the daughters of the queen and they are all female and sterile. Soldiers are a type of ant that protects the colony from intruders. Some species can sting as a defensive mechanism. Queens originally start out as a flying ant herself.

What Flying Ants In Your Home Means

The presence of a flying ant or a swarm of them can mean that an ant colony has been established in your home. This is most likely caused by ants entering your home from a crack in the wall or possibly an open window. Flying ants generally swarm after a strong rainfall during the warming seasons. Ants build colonies in a variety of different locations including inside inaccessible areas such as inside the drywall and/or floorboard. It is recommended that the ant infestation is removed by contacting a professional. Our company offers reliable and professional pest control services for homes with a residential ant colony.

How Do Flying Ants Differ From Flying Termites?

Flying ants and flying termites differ in several key characteristics. The former has bent antennae, a narrower waist, and the hind wings are shorter than the front main wings. On the other hand, flying termites have straight antennae, a thick waist, and the back and front wings are of equal length.

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Our company has been operating in Toronto for years. We have eliminated ant colonies from numerous homes throughout the area. We offer general quotes of fees over the phone and our technicians are ready to answer your questions. We will immediately book your service appointment and look forward to be hearing from you. Best Flying Ants in Toronto, ON call (647) 557-7978.

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