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Flying Ants in Toronto, ON

What Are Flying Ants?

The shocking answer to this question is that any ant with wings is a reproductive ant looking to mate and reproduce. It does not matter if the ant is a carpenter ant, a termite (actually the largest species of ant) or any other type of ant. Ants in your home are a problem that need to be dealt with.

The main differences between carpenter ants and termites is that carpenter ants nest in wood, while termites actually eat wood. Each of these scenarios comes with it’s own set of issues in terms of locating and getting rid of the infestation, but one thing is common to both ants- the destruction they can cause to your home and to your property.

When Do Flying Ants Appear?

If you see a flying ant indoors in the summer, chances are it may have flown in through the window. Still, it’s best to look around your home because if you find others, it may be evidence of a colony somewhere in your living space.

If you find flying ants in your home during the winter months (a time during which they are rarely found outdoors), chances are that you probably do have a living breathing colony located somewhere within your home.

Why Are Flying Ants A Nuisance

As mentioned before, the destruction these creatures can have on the structural integrity of your home can potentially be quite serious. Certain areas of the city of Toronto have been known to have major termite infestations. If your home is one hundred years old, or newly built, it’s often your family’s major financial investment, and as such, you want to protect its value and it’s safety.

Decks, porches, stairs and support beams, not to mention any woodwork within your home are vulnerable to ant infestations. Flying ants are usually one of the first signs people become aware of that there may be a problem in their home.

When To Call In The Professionals

It’s best to call the professionals when you’ve seen any consistent signs of flying ants. Some termites can live for as long as 18 years! So don’t ignore a flying ant as being an ‘infrequent flyer’. Getting a professional who knows how to locate a nest is the best course of action. Providing insecticidal treatment to the heart of the nest and any tunnels the ants may have dug out is the most effective solution to eradicating and controlling these pests.

Your home is of great value to you, so take the steps necessary to protect it. Call us today. We are happy to offer our expertise and services to keep your home free of flying ants for good! Flying Ants in Toronto, ON call (647) 557-7978.

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