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Kill Cockroaches at Home in Toronto, ON

Are you dealing with a cockroach infestation in your home? Commercial pesticides can contain harmful ingredients that could be detrimental to your loved ones’ health. There are natural homemade remedies for cockroach control. Our expert pest management technicians offer several tips of advice that you can follow to get rid of cockroaches at home.

Homemade Remedies To Kill Cockroaches

There are several homemade remedies that homeowners can try in order to manage their cockroach problems. They are classified into several types such as deterrents, which are natural substances that cockroaches avoid, and pesticides, which will kill the cockroaches either on contact or through ingestion.

A Natural Cockroach Deterrent

Cockroaches instinctively detest bay leaves. Crush the leaves to release the natural oils. Leave the latter by areas that you want cockroaches to avoid such as the kitchen counter and bed. Bay leaves are more effective at deterring cockroaches when they are stronger and more pungent.

Natural Cockroach Pesticides

You can use a mixture of sugar and baking soda to eliminate cockroaches in your home. Combine the two ingredients in equal parts and mix evenly. Cockroaches are attracted to sugar. When they eat the mixture, the baking soda within it will combine with the stomach acids inside the cockroaches. This will kill them.

Another natural deterrent is borax. Sprinkle the powder on the more common areas that roaches infest such as the kitchen cupboards, cracks around the home, and edges of the wall. Borax will poison the cockroaches slowly so that when they go back to their colonies, it will spread among the population and be even more effective.

Another home remedy is a mixture of cornstarch and plaster of paris. Plaster of paris can be found in a variety of retail stores that sell craft or home renovation goods. Again, the two ingredients should bemixed thoroughly and evenly in equal parts. Sprinkle this mixture on areas with cockroaches.

Cleaning Cockroach Nests

Try to stay up one night and follow around the cockroaches in your home. These cockroaches will eventually go back to their colonies where the nests are. Cockroaches prefer naturally dark and damp areas to live in during the day. Once you have located the nests, you can use your natural homemade remedies such as the ones described in this article. This can help reduce your cockroach populations.

How To Prevent Cockroaches

Prevent cockroaches by cleaning any food sources such as leftover food and garbage. Using a diluted bleach mixture on the areas found to have harbored cockroaches can help reduce further infestation.

How Effective DIY Solutions Are

Cockroach home remedies can be effective if combined and diligently followed through. For an easily solution, contact our trustworthy and reliable technicians for professional pest control services. Numerous satisfied homeowners, renters, and lessees recommend our services to deal with cockroach problems in Toronto. We are happy to help and can answer any of your questions. Additionally, we offer general quotes over the phone and immediate service bookings. Kill Cockroaches at Home in Toronto, ON call (647) 557-7978.

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