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Mouse’s physical prowess is indeed amazing and many householders will testify to their quick speed while attempting to trap these pests. Mice can attain speeds of up to 12 feet/second and leap to an incredible height of nearly 2 feet. This coupled with the fact that it is a superb climber makes the task of mouse control extremely challenging for the highly experienced pest professional too. Some key knowledge about rodent control techniques will ease your task.

Expert mice control services are offered by authorized pest control technicians. Ring (647) 557-7978 and get 30 dollars off on your bill. Our discreet services employ unmarked vehicles and are accompanied by instant inspection & estimate.

Apart from sealing up your house to stop the entry of mice, mouse exterminator can choose from various techniques. Traps constitute the most common method to catch mice and include conventional snap traps or more humane glue traps and live traps. Poison forms the second option which kills mice though you should be cautious with its use as it is harmful for little kids and pets. Ultrasonic gadgets are also sometimes adopted to steer away mice and you should consult reliable exterminator to choose from several options.

Seek services of a certified professional to achieve pest control for mice as they are specialists and provide free evaluation. Pest control firm Imperial has long experience of checking mice infestations in residential and commercial premises across Mississauga, Scarborough, Toronto and different areas of Ontario like Durham which manifest at the beginning of cold fall season. Mice control Toronto is wholly licensed & insured company furnishing effective and lasting treatments for exclusion and control of mice around Toronto and neighboring locations. Mouse Removal Services in Toronto, ON call (647) 557-7978 today for same day and discreet service.


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