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Mouse Traps Don't Work in Brampton, ON

Is there is a mouse in your house?  Are rodents in your home's vents?  Well they say there are many different ways to trap a mouse.  Unfortunately most of them don't work.  We are Brampton's Best Pest Control and we have better ways of ridding your home of annoying pests.  Our technicians are expertly trained, licensed, and bonded.  We have the knowledge that comes from experience.  


You've sealed all the cracks, even the tiniest ones.  Covered trash cans, moved all food to closed containers, swept, vacuumed, and dusted tirelessly.  Now you're ready to move on to the next step, the traps.


Some examples of fatal traps are the Jaw trap, featuring a spring loaded jaw that snaps shut when the mouse takes the bait.  Electric traps deliver a lethal dose of electricity when the rodent, in an attempt to catch the bait, completes the circuit.  And the good old fashioned Spring Loaded trap, the first type that comes to mind, bait is placed on the trip and a spring loaded bar snaps down when the bait is taken.  These traps can be cumbersome and inhumane.  Live catch traps can also be inhumane if not monitored closely.  For example, a mouse in pursuit of bait can get stuck in a sticky Glue Trap and, if left too long, will eventually die from exposure, starvation, or dehydration.  


While these traps can be effective in catching mice and/or rats, they can also pose a hazard to small children, pets, and can take adults by surprise also.  The location of the trap is key, and it should also be noted that the area around the trap is a haven for bacteria as mice are carriers of disease and parasites.  Not to mention, who wants to deal with disposal?  If you have a serious infestation mouse traps represent a small scale solution to a big scale problem.  Numerous traps would be needed to achieve any kind of results.  If this is your situation, save yourself the hassle and contact the professionals.


Given up on mouse traps?  Or would you rather just avoid them all together?  We don't blame you.  We are Brampton's Best Pest Removal and it's our job to worry about the dirty work.  We are vigorously trained and have the know how to get to the root of the problem.  Contact us today.  We will answer all your questions and set up an appointment with a technician right away.  We are rodent specialists, and our methods are tried and proven.  Browse our website and you'll see testimonials from many of our happy customers.  Call us and we'll explain all the options available, recommend the most effective method, and make sure you're comfortable before we begin.  

There are many different ways to trap a mouse, but only one way to be rodent-free.  Our way. Mouse Traps Don't Work in Brampton, ON call (647) 557-7978.


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