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Oakville, ON Signs of Mice Infestation

Have you been wondering if there are signs of mice infestation in your home or place of work? There are several tell-tale signs of mice living in your environment. The most obvious sign is seeing the rodents themselves. Other evidence include mouse droppings, which are small, pellet-like droppings that are brown to black in color. Additionally, there may be small bite marks on furniture, missing food, track marks on floors and/or carpets, and shredded fibers such as couch cushions and clothing. Some individuals report a musty odor in their homes. Mice are capable of jumping, climbing, and entering small openings to reach various areas within the building. Our company is experienced and highly rated in reducing pest problems such as mice in homes, workplaces, and apartments.

The Exponential Growth

Managing the pest infestation for mice is more difficult than other cases due to their ability to reproduce extremely quickly. A single female mouse can produce up to ten litters throughout a year with each litter producing up to 14 offspring. These offspring are sexually mature by two months of age. In most cases, the main factor limiting the population is food. Mice are known to move into neighboring homes and buildings once they exhaust their food supply or they begin to compete for territory amongst themselves. One household’s mice problem can spread and infect the whole neighborhood.

Advice To Reduce Your Local Mice Population

Our expert pest control technicians recommend that the best way to reduce the number of mice living in your home and place of work is to avoid leaving any food out. This includes cleaning up any food left out, making sure the garbage is properly sealed, and storing food in a container such as a sealed plastic tupperware or location that mice cannot get to such as the fridge.

The Health Hazards

It is important to not inhale mice feces and the surrounding dust particles when attempting to clean the droppings or nest areas. Mice feces are known to cause lung irritation and are associated with diseases detrimental to human health such as antivirus, which can cause Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome. The potentially fatal illness is characterized by initial flu-like symptoms and may quickly develop into respiratory difficulties. Our company recommends to always wear disposable gloves and preferably a safety mask to clean mouse droppings. Ventilating the area beforehand can help reduce irritation.

A solution of one part bleach to ten parts water is recommended to disinfection of surfaces areas and floors contaminated by mouse droppings, urine, or saliva. Those with preexisting conditions such as individuals with weakened immune and/or respiratory systems and pregnant women should avoid contact with mouse droppings. Contacting a professional pest control service is the best way to clean your home while avoiding health hazards.

The Easy And Sure Solution

Our highly trained and professional technicians are a proven remedy to solve your mice infestation problems. Call us today in order to receive a free general quotation over the phone and an immediate booking of your service appointment. Our staff will be eager to hear from you and to answer your questions for Oakville, ON Signs of Mice Infestation call (647) 557-7978.

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