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Quick and Easy Steps About How To Get Rid of Rats Toronto,ON

When it comes to your home, a pest infestation is that last thing you want.  And the bigger the past, the bigger the problem.  That’s why you should learn how to get rid of rats.  We are Toronto’s best pest control and rats fear us.  We have been in the business of removing rats and other pets for many years, and we’ve had several happy customers in and around your neighbourhood.  

Understanding their behaviour

The physical characteristics of a rat are similar to a mouse, but rats are larger and have a long hairless tail.  While mice eat anything, a rat’s food source preferences usually tend to lean towards fresh meat and vegetables and they need plenty of water for survival.  If you think you have a rat problem in your home you’ll have to be patient.  Rats are very cautious and suspicious of anything new in their environment.  This is helpful to know when placing traps.  Rats are also good swimmers and climbers.  They’re nocturnal so you may not realize you have a problem until you spot one scampering across the kitchen floor as you enjoy your midnight snack.  

Dangers and why you should act quickly

Rats are disease carriers.  They are second only to mosquitoes in the number of diseases they carry worldwide.  These include Leptospirosis and Salmonellosis which spread when rate urine and feces come into contact with human mucous membranes.  Symptoms range from headache, fever, and vomiting to death in the most vulnerable.  Rate-Bite Fever can occur when humans are bitten by rats.  Symptoms include joint pain, rash, and swollen lymph nodes.  And The Plague is transmitted by fleas that are often carried into your home by rats.  The Plague can cause fever and even lead to death.

Types of traps

The most common type of rat trap is the traditional snap trap.  Similar to a mouse trap, but larger, it works by drawing the rat to the bait.  Once the bait is removed a spring loaded lever snaps down and kills him instantly.  Glue traps are effective but since they take longer to kill the rat they are much less humane.  Electronic traps work using a lethal dose of high-voltage electric shock.  Ultrasonic repellers emit a high frequency sound, inaudible to humans but likely to make rats move on to the next house.  

What type of trap is best

How to get rid of rats may depend on your individual situation.  Traps vary in price so if your infestation is rather large you might want to invest in a number of snap traps.  If the infestation is smaller you might want to splurge on a few electronic traps.  

If you’re unsure of how to proceed contacting a professional may be best for you.  We are Toronto’s best pest control and we know how to get rid of rats.  Our friendly and highly-trained technicians can answer your questions and advise you how to proceed.  

Call us now, and put rats behind you. Quick and Easy Steps About How To Get Rid of Rats Toronto,ON call (647) 557-7978.

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