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The Unwanted House guest
Toronto is the raccoon capital of the world; in fact 50 times more raccoons live in the city than in the surrounding countryside. And with urban green spaces disappearing raccoons sometimes have no choice but to take up residence with us, in our homes. These furry creatures do not make great house guests. Since they are wild animals, raccoons are destructive and dirty. They’ll tear apart shingles, walls, insulation, and electrical wires, costing you upwards of thousands of dollars. We can share our city with them, but not our homes. Thankfully there are ways to humanely remove raccoons from your property.

Prevention first

Prevention is always the first step. Make sure your property is clear of garbage, paper, and food scraps. Check to see that your garbage cans have lids that stay tightly secure, and don’t be afraid to use the new raccoon green bin solution device. Putting hot sauce on garden vegetables will also keep raccoons out of your garden. Next go up into your attic and make sure that there are no access points into the home. An access point is any hole about 8 cm in diameter or bigger. These need to be secure, use wire mesh and a foam gun to seal them off. If the prevention methods don’t work, you will have to remove the raccoon.

Removing Raccoons

It is important to note that most raccoons that migrate to attics are females looking for a place to nest with their babies. This is especially true in the spring months. If this is the case you have to use extra caution, as the mother raccoon will protect her babies at any cost. Hanging ammonia soaked rags in the attic will make the raccoon’s home unlivable and encourage them to relocate. Trapping is another option but it will not solve the problem, if done improperly can cause even more headaches.

The best and safest way and to humanely remove these guests is by using licensed company. Our company is one of the foremost in raccoon removal Toronto services. Our professional technicians are trained to humanely remove of any raccoon guests you may have in your attic. We will first inspect the attic to locate the family; the mother raccoon will then have to be chased out in order to collect the babies. After the babies are collected, the entry points will be blocked so that the raccoon family will not be able return. Finally we make sure that the mother raccoon is reunited with her babies, and is able to carry them to a secondary den site.

Easy Raccoon Removal Toronto

If you have a raccoon family living in your Toronto home, the best thing to do is give us a call. We have professional technicians waiting by the phone to answer questions, give quotes, and book your service appointment. Our responsible technicians will ensure that your home becomes raccoon free, and that no harm comes to your unwanted guests. Expert Raccoon Removal Toronto, ON call (647) 557-7978.

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