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Have you seen a raccoon on your property? Perhaps you’ve noticed something going through your trash. Identifying a raccoon on your property often means a raccoon nest as well. The most common places that raccoons nest can be found in attics, trees, and ceilings. Our highly rated company offers raccoon removal toronto services.

Why Do Raccoons Nest

The most common reason for nesting is to rear offsprings. In fact, most nesting raccoons are female. Raccoons may enter into homes by tearing holes in the roof. Removing a single raccoon often requires additional time for a thorough inspection of the home in order to search for the den and possible offsprings. Homes provide warmth and protection from both the weather and predators of raccoons.

When Do Raccoons Nest

A single female raccoon can have three to five offsprings per litter. Their peak nesting season is in spring, mainly around March to April. In warmer climates, raccoons may nest and reproduce year round although spring is still the most common time for nesting.

How To Clear Out A Raccoon Nest

Juvenile raccoons still living in the nest must be removed by hand. Traps will be ineffective because they do not leave the nest to forage for themselves until three months of age. They rely on the mother raccoon for their necessities. Simply trapping the mother will not automatically remove the young as well and it can result in unnecessary animal cruelty.

How Are Nests Built

Materials used for nesting include hay, mosses, discarded fabrics, and other soft and easily accessible materials. Mother raccoons prefer to use things around them. For example, nests in the wild are often created using natural materials whereas nests in urban areas use products commonly discarded such as clothing.

How To Identify A Raccoon Nest

One important clue of a raccoon nest is to listen for their sounds at night. This may be squeals or softer noises. Another way to identify a raccoon infestation is to look for their droppings. This is a clear indication of their presence and can be a useful tip in finding their nests.

Finding raccoon nests can be difficult for those who don’t know what to look for. Our trained professionals have years of experience in finding and removing raccoons, including their nests and offsprings.

The Associated Dangers

Raccoons can be carriers of a variety of different diseases, some which are transmittable to humans. Scratches and bites from raccoons can easily become infected and require a trip to the emergency room.

Raccoons are also carriers of rabies, although this is uncommon in developed areas. Additionally, raccoons are a danger to pets as they often carry ticks and fleas that can transfer to the latter.

Our Professional Advice

We recommend leaving it to the professionals. Our technicians are reliable and professional with years of experience in identifying nests, trapping raccoons, and relocating them. We offer immediate bookings of service and general quotes over the phone. Additionally, we are happy to answer your questions. Call now to solve your raccoon problems. Affordable Raccoon Removal Toronto, ON call (647) 557-7978.

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