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Professional Raccoon Removal Toronto, ON

Raccoons are a potentially harmful pest to have on your property. Not only do they get into garbage and leave a mess for homeowners to clean up, but they are also transmitters of diseases. A raccoon inside an urban property generally means that it’s a female preparing to or already nesting. This means that raccoon offspring are most likely somewhere on your property. Additionally, there are bylaws regarding raccoon removals in Toronto. Our company offers professional raccoon removal services that comply to government regulations.

Where Can Raccoons Be Found?

The vast majority of raccoons found to be living inside an urban property are female. This is because they are seeking a safe shelter in homes. Human residential homes can provide protection from the elements, natural predators, and modern dangers such as vehicles.

Additionally, there is an abundance of food found in trash cans, food left out, and food that is improperly stored. Raccoons have special claws that are adept at mimicking the hand movements of humans that other animals are unable to replicate. This means that they can open garbage bins with ease. Human garbage provide raccoons with a steady supply of food that enables their population to grow.

How To Remove Raccoons From Your Property

The most common way to capture a raccoon is by using a live trap. These traps are commercially available or professional animal control companies or wildlife organizations will provide them for households. A bait such as cat food can be placed inside of the animal trap. Once the animal is inside, it will trigger the siding door to be shut, trapping the animal inside. The upside of this method is that the animal will be captured unharmed, although it may be angry. The downside is that this method does not discriminate against the type of animal it captures.

This method may not be recommended for households with pets. This is because common pets such as cats and dogs have been captured in raccoon traps. Households with pets should keep their pets under supervision outside or in a secure location away from the animal traps.

What Are the Bylaws Regarding Raccoon Removal In Toronto?

According to the current Ministry of Natural Resources guidelines, it is illegal to use body gripping traps or pesticides for raccoons. Individuals caught may face criminal charges and/or fines of up to $5000. Firing guns in the city of Toronto is also illegal. Additionally, only trapping one raccoon may lead to its offspring being left behind in the nest. Young raccoons do not leave the nest to feed and will starve as a result.

Professional Raccoon Removal Services In Toronto

Our company offers experienced and reliable raccoon trapping and relocation services to homes across Toronto. Our technicians are highly trained in searching for raccoon nests and removing the young offspring without harm. We also offer professional-grade live animal traps to capture raccoons in residential properties. Call now for general quotes over the phone and an immediate booking of service! Professional Raccoon Removal Toronto, ON call (647) 557-7978.

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