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Raccoon Removal Toronto ON Signs of a Raccoon In Your Property

The Real Deal On Raccoons


If you live anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area, you are likely no stranger to this sneaky nocturnal animal. With a face permanently decorated to look like a masked bandit, it’s no wonder the raccoon likes to act in accordance with its signature look.


Unlike other wildlife, these animals are more prevalent in cities than they are in the wild.Raccoons have become increasingly present in urban and suburban areas to little fanfare. These nocturnal creatures are inquisitive, intelligent, mischievous and destructive. Their search for food in urban areas often leads them to knock over garbage cans and destroy trash bags for any sign of food, leaving behind major messes in their wake.  


Sine raccoons have migrated to primarily reside in populated urban and suburban areas, they are not afraid of interacting with humans. They have no problem dwelling in homes or apartments near humans, or even taking food away right in front of an audience! As a result, raccoon infestations are becoming increasingly common in urban and suburban areas.  These animals like to travel in packs, so if you see a single raccoon there are likely more in close proximity.


How To Tell If You Have A Raccoon Infestation


Raccoons are not known to be subtle houseguests, so if you suspect you have raccoons living in your home or apartment space, you are probably correct. They tend to be noisy creatures and like to live in secluded areas like attics or crawl spaces. Since they like to travel together, it is also possible to have multiple raccoons sharing a dwelling space.


Are Raccoons Doing Damage To Your Home?


Raccoons are ruthless when they enter a home. Once they find a point of entry into a home or apartment, they have no problem destroying siding, shingles and ducts to find somewhere to settle down. They often scratch, chew and dig through anything they can get their paws on, causing significant household damage to anything in their paths. Raccoons also leave behind foul smelling feces and urine that is harmful when encountered by human beings.


Dealing With Danger


In addition to their destructive habits, raccoons are also harmful to humans due to the fact that they can be carriers of Rabies and Canine Distemper, which can be extremely fatal to pets. Racoon feces is also extremely toxic due to the presence of numerous harmful bacteria including Salmonella, Giardia lamblia and roundworm. Fleas are often commonly present in raccoon feces, which can easily be spread to household pets.


Do You Need Raccoon Removal Toronto?


If raccoons are wreaking havoc in your living space, let a professional take the trouble off your hands. You should never attempt to remove a raccoon from your property without professional help. Since raccoon feces contains harmful bacteria, it is best to leave all raccoon removal Toronto to us. Our trained professional can remove the infestation from your home and help you have peace of mind again. Call us for a quote today, we would be happy to help you! Raccoon Removal Toronto ON Signs of a Raccoon In Your Property call (647) 557-7978.


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