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Raccoon Removal in Attic Toronto,ON

Raccoons are common pests in many Canadian cities, including Toronto. They get into the trash and leave a mess for homeowners to clean up, cause noise disturbances in the night, and infest homes to nest. This means that raccoon and human interactions are likely to occur. As a result, many residents ask if raccoons will attack people. Our company offers professional raccoon control services in Toronto. We offer professional advice for dealing with raccoons.

Raccoon Appearances And Behavior

Raccoons are medium sized mammals with a gray body and have a characteristic mask of black fur on their faces. Raccoons are omnivores, meaning that they eat both animals and plants. They are nocturnal and commonly forage through trash during the night. They have dexterous claws that allow them to manipulate objects similar to a human’s hand. This ability enables them to open trash cans that are inaccessible to other animals and are one of the reasons the species is frequently found in urban areas.

The main reason that raccoons seek human shelter to live in is to nest. In fact, most raccoons found living inside a home are female. Male raccoons tend to live outside in a burrow or a natural shelter. This makes the removal of a raccoon problem in a residential building more problematic. The pest problem will not simply end by trapping an adult raccoon because it is likely that there is a nest somewhere in the property. Separating a raccoon mother from her offspring can lead to the latter dying from dehydration and/or starvation. This is unnecessary animal cruelty and can result in rotting carcasses inside the home.

Do Raccoons Attack People?

Any animal will attack if it feels threatened and it is unable to escape. Additionally, mothers will be even more aggressive if her offspring is in danger. Raccoons are no exception, especially the human is near the raccoon’s nest. Raccoons forage through garbage and other waste products. As a result, they are more likely to carry infections and parasites that could be a risk to human health. They can transfer this to people by biting and scratching. In very rare cases, the aggression is caused by rabies, although this is most limited to developing countries.

The Dangers Of A Raccoon Attack

Raccoon attacks can cause serious infections in the wounds if left untreated. This is why every individual that is attacked should seek immediate medical attention. Some homeowners may wonder if they can remove the raccoons on their property without the services of a professional wildlife removal company. This can lead to an increased risk of a raccoon attack. It is strongly advised that handling raccoons and other feral animals be avoided.

Professional Raccoon Removal Services

Our company offers professional raccoon removal services. We have experience in removing raccoons and their offsprings from properties across Toronto. Numerous families have relied on our services to safely and effectively remove raccoons from their properties. We offer general quotes over the phone. Call now to book your service appointment immediately. Raccoon Removal in Attic Toronto,ON call (647) 557-7978.

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