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Ideal Rat Killer Process in Toronto, ON

There are many methods for ridding a home of rats but which one is the best? Many households throughout Toronto will deal with a rat problem one day. Eliminating the pest is the best way to keep a house clean and safe. Our company offers professional rat control services for the GTA area. Our technicians are happy to answer your questions about the best method for a rat problem in your home.

Why Are Rats Attracted To Homes?

Rats live in urban areas because of the abundance of food. They are omnivores and can eat a wide range of foods including plant and animal-based materials. Cities offer a steady supply of food and as a result, rat populations can grow exponentially. Homes such as houses and apartments offer shelter and a food source for rats. They provide both heating and protection from the weather. Additionally, many homes are free of natural predators. This means that the only way to get rid of a rat infestation is for the human residents to take action.

The Problems Of A Rat Infestation

Rats are unhygienic and carriers of diseases. They can contaminate food, damaging furniture, electronics, appliances, and the home, and spread diseases and infections. Rat droppings and urine can stain carpeting and hardwood floors. Rats can chew through electrical wiring and wood. Furthermore, they can be carriers of fleas and other parasites.

The Best Method To Rid Your Home Of Rats

The best way to get rid of a rat infestation is to use traps. This includes traditional spring traps, glue adhesive traps, and larger commercial rat traps that can capture multiple rats simultaneously. Rat traps can deal with both minor and more severe cases of rat infestations. The traps should be baited with foods such as peanut butter, dried fruit, and other foods high in sugar.

Rat traps are the preferred method over pesticides because the former keeps the body in an area thatcan be easily removed and cleaned. Pesticides kill slowly and as a result, the rat can die when it’s inside the wall or crawl space. This means that cleaning up will be much more difficult or impossible. The decomposing body can leave a malodor in the home for weeks. Finding the body can be extremely time-consuming and expensive as it may require breaking into the drywall.

Professional Rat Control Services In Toronto

Our company offers expert pest management for rat infestations in areas throughout Toronto. We have provided years of quality services for numerous households including houses, condos, apartments, rentals, and more. In addition, we can deal with rat problems in storage spaces such as garages, basements, attics, and crawl spaces. Our trained technicians are ready to take your call and to answer any of your questions. We offer immediate bookings for service and a general quote over the phone. Call now to find out the best way to getting rid of a rat problem in your home! We look forward to hearing from you. Ideal Rat Killer Process in Toronto, ON call (647) 557-7978.

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