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Richmond Hill, ON Rat Control

Like their cousins, rats have many characteristics that have allowed them to adapt to almost any living environment. One of the easiest environments for a rat to adapt to is a human home. Homes provide free shelter, water and plenty of food for rats to thrive. And it is easy to go from just having a rat problem to a rat infestation.

Rats and Breeding

When there is sufficient food and shelter available rats can breed all year round. This may not seem like a big deal but take into consideration that female rats of breeding age come into heat every four or five days. Pregnancy lasts for about 22 days. Rats have considerably large litters; the average is 10 to 12. The babies can be weaned off the mother at five weeks. Coincidentally five weeks is also about the time rats will reach sexual maturity and will be able to reproduce. Once can’t even imagine the possible number of rats that could accumulate if a pair of rats are left unattended in a house filled with food.

The Signs of a Problem

If you suspect that there are rats in your house you’ll find plenty of evidence. Most notable is chew marks. Rats love to chew on things, and they don’t discriminate between walls, wood, or wires. Keep an eye out for chew marks around the house. Rats also come with noise. Generally you will be able to hear scratching, or running sound at night around the home. Food tampering is also a good sign that there is a rat in your home.  Rats will tear apart any packaging to get into the food they want. Inspect food containers for signs of gnawing. Another dead give away for rats in your home is rat droppings. If you can detect piles of rat droppings chances are you have a rats.

Damage Caused by Rats

Rats can cause serious damage to your health and home. The most common problem associated with rats is food contamination from urine and feces. They can carry a number of diseases that are transferable to humans. Therefore, it is important to clean any areas that may have come into contact with rat droppings with a mild bleach solution. Remember, rats also like to chew on things. There is always a possibility of an electrical fire if rats have managed to chew through your wires. In any case it is important to deal with rats and fast.

Calling in the Experts at Rat Control

Dealing with one rat can be managed. Dealing with hundreds is better left up to the professionals. Our company is an expert in rat control. We have expert technicians to control and remove your rat problem. Give us a call to speak our qualified technicians. They are happy to answer any questions about rat control and to provide general quotes. Getting your service appointment booked quickly is key in managing rats. Don’t let a small animal quickly grow into an infestation. Call us today for your rat control needs. Richmond Hill, ON Rat Control call (647) 557-7978.

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