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Skunk Removal Toronto, ON

Our company has been providing skunk removal toronto services for years. Families and businesses throughout the GTA region rely on us to inspect their homes for skunks, remove them if found, and for expert advice in prevention. Our friendly technicians have years of experience that you can depend on to keep your loved ones safe and your property secure.

Skunks As Pests

Skunks have an easily recognizable and distinct white band along the back of their bodies. They are best known for their defensive mechanism of spraying a highly malodorous liquid at their perceived attackers. This can temporarily blind if it gets in the eyes. Additionally, most animals avoid them mainly because of this capability so they have fewer natural predators.

Why They Must Be Removed

Many people avoid skunks due to their odor. This can mean that your family will not use parts of their property for the fear of being sprayed. Guests may also avoid your home if there is a skunk on the property. Skunks can spray both humans and pets. This means that pets are frequently targeted by skunks. This can result in trying to wash an unwilling animal and dealing with the skunk’s odor. Additionally, a sprayed person has to deal with an unpleasant odor on their body for days. This can mean lost productivity at work, missing school days for children, and social embarrassment.

Skunks communicate primarily through scent markings. This can lead to a bad odor on your property despite taking measures for humans and pets to avoid being sprayed.

The Recommended Solution

Skunks must be caught in live cage traps. This equipment is also commonly used to trap raccoons. Once, the skunk(s) have been trapped inside, the cages can be used to relocate the skunks to an environment that is similar to their natural habitat. Transferring the skunk(s) to a far distance from urban environments mean that they are less likely to find themselves back in another unfortunate person’s backyard.

How To Prevent Skunks From Infesting Your Property

Our technicians recommend using fences to keep skunks from wandering onto your property. The fence must surround the entire perimeter of your home and be inspected regularly for any damaged areas that a skunk can enter through. Additionally, close ground level doors and windows and keep them shut. Avoid leaving out pet food as this can attract skunks and other pests.

How To Get Rid Of The Smell

There are many commercial products are available. Traditional home remedies from old wives’ tales, such as tomato juice baths, are not recommending as they are not effective. Our technicians recommend a mixture of hydrogen peroxide, liquid dish detergent, and baking soda. An individual or pet that was sprayed in the eyes should flush their eyes thoroughly with tap water.

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