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Spider Pest Control in Toronto, ON

They can be found anywhere, from the top of the highest buildings, to right in your own living room.  Spiders are remarkable creatures but most people agree-- spiders are remarkably creepy!  So when it comes to spider pest control, we are Toronto's Best Pest Control.  We take spiders seriously.  They are pest killers just like us, and they need to be shown some respect.  If you're uncomfortable with the number of spiders in your home contact us today.  We'll take the time to answer all your questions and set up an appointment with one of our expertly trained technicians .    


There are tens of thousands of species of spiders in the world, hundreds in southern Ontario, many of which can be found in and around your property in Toronto, ON.  The Common House spider resides in almost any corner of any room in your home. The Longbodied Cellar Spider lingers in the darkness of your basement.  The Barn Funnel Weaver prefers damp cellars and laundry rooms.   The Yellow Sac Spider can be found on ceilings, walls, and hanging in your curtains!   The Zebra Jumper likes to sunbathe in window sills.  The Boreal Cobweb Weaver usually lives in sheds and garages.  And Orbweavers are urban dwellers and can often be found 25 stories high.  


Of the many species of spiders found in Toronto, there are a couple of varieties that can be considered poisonous and should be avoided.  First is the Brown Recluse spider, light brown in colour with a fiddle like pattern on it's mid-section.  They live in dry, quiet places like baseboards and in rarely-used closets inside clothing and shoes.  Bites are not fatal, but require immediate medical attention.  And the female Black Widow spider with a shiny black abdomen and a red hourglass marking on it's underside.  Usually found outdoors, the Black Widow lives under rocks, in trees, woodpiles, and sometimes in basements.  They are rarely aggressive, but if you accidently touch them their bite can cause intense pain and serious illness.  


Spiders are nature's pest control.  They feed off other insects and keep them away from gardens, crops, and you.  They're beneficial to the environment, but you still don't want them around your home... so the best spider pest control is take away their food source.  Avoid other insects from entering your home by filling cracks, repairing ripped screens, and keeping your home in good condition.  Sweep and vacuum often, especially in dark corners.  And when cleaning basements and other dark areas it may be a good idea to wear gloves to avoid bites.   


You may need help ridding your property of the insects that spiders call "food", or if there is a serious infestation of spiders that worries you, it's time to call in the professionals.  Spider pest control starts with Toronto's Best Pest Control.  We are highly trained, licensed, and bonded professionals who know the best methods to control any pest infestation.   We'll take you through the process and see it through to the end.  Over many years our customers, homeowners just like you, have emerged happy and pest-free.  See for yourself.  Browse our website and read our testimonials.  It's one success story after another.  

Call us.  Your success story starts now. Spider Pest Control in Toronto, ON call (647) 557-7978.

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