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Squirrel Removal Toronto ON Because Squirrels Can Be Destructive To Your Property

Let’s face it: There is nothing fascinating about squirrels:


I always wonder what the fascination with squirrels are. You always see people in public parks feeding them with peanuts and people snapping photos of them. To me squirrels are annoying and are becoming tamer and less afraid of people. When a squirrel approaches me in a public park, I walk far away from them and hope I will not be followed.


I feel sorry for people who have squirrel problems, because squirrels are simply a nuisance. To me, squirrels are rodents, just like their cousins, the revolting rats and disgusting mice. There is nothing cute about beady eyes and gnawing teeth. These animals are not my friends and for good reason…


Squirrels of the forest: Okay


Squirrels of the home: Not Okay. Squirrel Removal Toronto is the Answer


The fact is squirrels can cause a lot of damage. They can chew through electrical wiring, creating potential fire hazards; they can chew through wooden beams in your attic and other things. They are known to be scavengers and when they scurry around your property they are digging, burrowing and collecting and storing nuts all around you.


They may be getting ready for hibernation, but I see it as they are wreaking your lush, green lawn and digging through your garden. I do not know about you, but I do not want squirrel digging up my lawn or choosing my home as a place for them to breed and have more annoying squirrels.


Squirrels can breed more than once during the course of a year. At one year old, squirrels can begin to breed and have little squirrel babies of their own, great. So that means if you have squirrels in your shed or garage, under your porch or anywhere else other than your trees –they can quickly infest your home.


If you have squirrels, you can take a deep breath because we have the solution. We have the best technicians for the job and they will get rid of them. We are the best at squirrel removal Toronto, because we know what works. We offer extremely reliable service that you can trust. We will come to your home, once you book the appointment and we will start the investigation right away! Looking for entry and exit spots, our technicians will look everywhere to ensure they find all the spots the squirrels can squeeze into.


Trapping Squirrels:


We use humane live-catch traps. We will relocate the squirrels back to nature, the natural home for them. Sometimes we use one-way exclusion doors and other times we mount traps near their exiting spots. We professionally install traps up high or deep into hard to reach places. If there are squirrel babies, we will make sure that they are removed humanely –with their squirrel parents. Squirrels, like all rodents are gnawing nuisances that cause damage and carry parasites, bacteria and diseases. Let’s get rid of them fast. Let us take care of the problem.  Squirrel Removal Toronto ON Because Squirrels Can Be Destructive To Your Property call (647) 557-7978.


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