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As the warm summer months come upon us, unfortunately so do wasps.

There are many kinds of wasps. Yellow jackets are common yellow and black wasps that are able to sting more than once, unlike bees. They often sting when they are protecting their nest, but these nasty pests will sting people and animals even when they are unprovoked. Their nests are made with their saliva with a mixture of fibres from decaying wood. If you notice any of these paper-like nests, do not hesitate to contact us. It is extremely important to remove wasp nests as soon as possible.

One must take extreme caution with wasp nest removal therefore it is absolutely necessary to contact professionals. Our company will look for any signs of wasp nests and use appropriate safety equipment to remove the nests. Wasp nests located near residences, work places or anywhere near human and pet activity should be removed efficiently and effectively. Our company will keep you safe. The combination of skill, expertise and proper supplies and safety equipment will rid you of your wasp problem. We are the go-to people for wasp extermination.

Other more unknown wasps that may have built on a nest on your property may be bald faced hornets and European hornets. Black and white bald faced hornets often build their nests in trees. They are extremely territorial and will sting repeatedly. Do not get stung by these insects. Do not attempt to remove their nests yourself. Our skilled team of pesticide professionals will remove them for you. Similarly European hornets are extremely large are aggressive and build their nest in hollow places. They are large enough that they feed on insects like grasshoppers and caterpillars. Some people try to plug their entrances to their nests as a way to stop them from gaining access. European hornets can easily chew through interior walls, gaining access to your home. Do not try to rid your property of hornets on your own. This is dangerous and should only be attempted by professionals, like us.  

Wearing protective gear, we will be able to safely use insecticides and pesticides to find the opening of the nest. When hornets enter their nest they will bring the insecticide further into the rest to ensure that the nest will be terminated. We are the team to take care of wasp extermination. With our experience and determination, our licensed technicians will safely take care of your wasp problem.

There are many other kinds of wasps. Whether you have a loved one who is allergic or not, wasps can easily sting the people you care for. Let us help you be protected from painful wasp stings. It is not enough keep sticky and sweet foods away from wasps. Don’t spend your summer indoors away from wasps. At the first sign of nests, give us a call and our efficient and experienced technicians will be at your service. We give general quotes over the phone and will be able to answer all inquiries. Contact us now for quick and easy wasp extermination for Toronto, ON Find a Wasp Extermination call (647) 557-7978.

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