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Toronto, ON Getting Rid of Mice

There are several home remedies for getting rid of mice that old wives tell, but how many of these are really effective? Home remedies take time and effort to follow through. Our expert technicians, with years of experience, can help you with mice problems. We outline several homemade and do-it-yourself solutions that you can try out at home.

An Effective And Easy To Build Homemade Mice Trap

One effective homemade mice trap that our technicians recommend is easy to build. The materials can be found in a variety of home improvement stores. Take a large and tall bucket with a slippery wall on the inside. Then, add a rope or a stick leading into the bucket. This will be the area of entry. Take an empty soda can and put a dowel through it. Put this in the middle of the bucket so that the soda can will spin. Apply a mice incentive such as peanut butter on the soda can. The mouse will climb the rope or stick and try to get to the treat on the soda can. Once it does this, the soda can will spin and it will fall into the bucket. Then, the mouse will be unable to climb out of the bucket on its own. The bucket can be empty if you wish to relocate the mouse or filled with water if you want to dispose of it.

Natural Mice Deterrents

There are many deterrents such as the natural predators of mice. The most commonly recognized one is the cat. Whether it’s an indoor cat or an outdoor cats, mice are instinctively fearful and avoidant of them. Cats do not have to catch the mice to help reduce a mice infestation. Their presence on the property can lead to mice avoiding your property as their home.

Other natural deterrents include bay leaves, peppermint oil, moth balls, and onions. Mice have a sensitive and strong sense of smell. They naturally avoid the smells of the things mentioned above. Leave the deterrents in areas that you want mice to avoid or in areas that the mice commonly forage around.

Prevention Tips For Mice Problems

You can prevent the problem or reduce your mice infestation by cleaning up any sources of food. This includes garbage, left out food, and food in storage. Additionally, you should clean out your home regularly to check for mice nests. Mice prefer dark and quiet locations such as the attic or other storage areas to live in.

How Effective Are Homemade Remedies?

Homemade remedies can be effective depending on the severity of your infestation and how diligent your household is in following the recommended tips. Our company offers professional pest management solutions for a variety of different pests including mice. We offer free general quotes over the phone and can book your service appointment immediately. Our technicians are ready to take your call and answer your questions. We look forward to hearing from you. Call now! Toronto, ON Getting Rid of Mice call (647) 557-7978.

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