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Toronto ON Getting Rid of Mice

Squeak, squeak. Uh oh, sounds like you’ve got mice. Your first concern is to get rid of them, and we can help you with that.

Mice As Pests

The house mouse is very common and lives all over the world, including in Toronto. Mice that live in homes are a dull grey brown colour. They have thick and scaly tails. You might first notice them because you smell a stale odour inside. You will also likely see mouse droppings, which are small black turds, or hear the high-pitched squeak.

Mice don’t usually come out during the daytime, choosing to stay in their hidden nests. You might hear scratching or gnawing during the day. You might also see tracks and droppings. Mice also tend to leave behind holes, so look for them in the walls and floors. Don’t forget the ceilings and foundations – those critters can climb. Other clues are bite or gnaw marks, as well as signs that something has been nibbling your food.

Where Mice Nest In Houses

So now you probably have enough clues to figure out that you have mice in your home. The next step is to learn about where mice nest in houses. This will help you to make sure that it is mice that you are dealing with and to help pinpoint the problem. Finding the location of the mice nest will help with getting rid of mice.

Mice like to nest in undisturbed or hidden areas. This means attics, basements, the inside of walls, garages and basements are favourite places. Mice also love to be close to food, so they might try to find a spot to hide in the kitchen. Favourite kitchen nesting spots are under cabinet, sinks, fridges and stoves. The spot where holes are cut into cupboards for pipes also give them easy entry to these areas, so check there too. Mice also like storage boxes and drawers that aren’t used too often.

Their nests are filled with shredded cloth and paper and are about five inches wide. There will also be seeds, food and droppings very close to the nest. Pet food is a favourite. Once mice have made their homes inside a house, they are not going to leave on their own.

How to Control Mice

So are you thinking that you need help getting rid of mice? You want to choose a safe and reliable solution in Toronto that is safe for a house that also has pets or children. This is your home, and you don’t want to share it with the pests anymore! If you want a safe, effective, reliable and professional solution, give us a call. We have seen it all before and we can take care of the problem effectively and efficiently. You have questions and we have answers. We can give you general quotes over the phone and most likely have a technician out to see you within 24 hours. We’ll be there for you Toronto ON Getting Rid of Mice call (647) 557-7978

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