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Bees can be a nuisance on private property because many people are afraid of being stung. Bee stings can be painful and even life-threatening for individuals with allergies to the bee’s venom. Unlike a wasp, a bee can only sting once in its life. This is because the bee will lose its stinger once it uses it and die in the process. Wild bees will generally avoid stinging people and many species will only sting if it has been touched. Our company offers professional bee control services in Toronto. We give professional advice regarding different bee species found in Toronto residential homes.

What Are Bees?

Honey bees are commonly mistaken for yellow jacket wasps because both have a yellow and black coloring on their bodies. Compared with wasps, bees are covered in a fuzz surrounding the midsection of their bodies. Their hind legs are flattened in order to better collect pollen. Honey bees are an important species, especially for agriculture, because they are natural pollinators. This is a vital process in order to make flowering plants produce fruits.

What Are The Different Types Of Bees?

There are many different types of bees in Ontario. They include the following:

What Are Honey Bees?

Honey bees feed on the nectar in flowers. They fly around the areas from their nest in search of pollen, found in flowers. They turn this pollen into honey, which feeds the larvae of the colony and the colony itself in winter time. Honey has an unlimited shelf-life as long as it is stored properly. Many animals are attracted to honey bee nests because of the protein-rich larvae and the high in sugar honey. Bees have a natural defense mechanism of stinging an intruder in its territory if they think it’s a threat.

What Are Bumble Bees?

Bumble bees are named after their distinctive sound when flying. They are a common bee species found in the wild.

What Are Ground-Nesting Bees?

Ground-nesting bees are similar to other bees except that the former creates its hives on the ground. They are a gentle species that rarely sting. Residents of a property with a hive of bees on the ground should take care to avoid stepping on it. This species does not like water. Therefore, sprinkling the area around the hive with water may deter the bee colony from living there.

How Do I Remove A Bee Infestation From My Property?

It is not recommended that you spray bees’ nests with pesticide. This will kill the bees, which are an important species for flowering plants. Additionally, it will make the honey inedible for human consumption. There are professional bee removal companies that will relocate the bees on your property. Additionally, you may even be able to keep some of the honey.

Professional Bee Removal Services

Our company offers professional bee removal services in Toronto. We offer general quotes over the phone and will immediately book your service appointment. Our trained and reliable technicians are to take your call. Toronto, ON Kill Bees call (647) 557-7978.

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