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Toronto ON, M6R Find Squirrel Traps That Are Humane

They’re considered cute by the media and tourists but anyone who’s dealt with them know that squirrels are a pest. They can cause damages to the garden and lawn, to the exterior of the home, and to the ears of the homeowner from their incessant chattering and noises.

A squirrel infestation is not something that you simply have to put up with in your own home. Our company offers professional squirrel control services through the use of humane squirrel traps and relocate the wildlife animals to an area that’s closer to their natural habitats than your backyard.

Common Squirrel Behaviors That’s A Nuisance To A Household

One of the most common complains from households with a squirrel problem is the damage they cause to lawns and yards. Many tree-dwelling squirrels store nuts, seeds, and other food in preparation for winter by burying them in the ground. This cause numerous holes which damage the grass on the lawn and yard.

Additionally, squirrels may feed on the flowers, vegetables, and other ornamental plants in the garden. This can affect the aesthetics of your home and result in the need for costly and time-consuming repairs.

They may also feed on food left out in bird feeders and pet bowls, preventing native animals and pets from using your yard.

Another common issue that squirrels cause is their noise pollution. Squirrels and their offspring are constantly cracking open nuts, chattering, gnawing, digging, and jumping on roofs. This can be a source of stress for a household as they can be powerless to prevent it to enjoy any peace and quiet.

Why Treating A Squirrel Infestation Is Vital

A squirrel issue can worsen over time as the local squirrel population grows. If there’s a lack of trees in the area to provide shelter for nests, a squirrel may just settle into your attic and roof area instead. This can be especially appealing if it’s winter outside and heating inside.

Squirrels can cause damages not only to a lawn but also the exterior of a home. Their habit of gnawing on surfaces and exploring could mean damages to the roof of your home.

How Our Squirrel-Capturing Traps Are Humane

We offer humane traps to capture squirrels without harming them. Our traps are designed with animal welfare in mind. It’s our priority to safely catch them in order to release them in a natural environment away from potential hazards in urban areas such as cars and pets.

How The Squirrels Are Relocated To Prevent A Re-Infestation

We relocate squirrels in an area distant enough to prevent the squirrels from returning on their home and re-infesting your property. Captured squirrels are safely released into a natural environment similar to their native habitat.

Professional Squirrel Control Services In Toronto

We offer professional squirrel control services to households across Toronto though the use of human traps and relocating the wildlife. Learn more about our services by speaking to one of our technicians today! Toronto ON, M6R Find Squirrel Traps That Are Humane call (647) 557-7978.

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