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Toronto, ON Mouse Traps for the Kitchen

One commonly recommended pest solution for mice are traps, whether they be regular spring traps, glue adhesive traps, or live traps. However, what isn’t commonly talked about is the drawbacks of using traps to deal with mice infestations. Each trap has its own advantages and disadvantages. The effectiveness can depend on the unique situation of each pest problem. Our company offers professional mice solutions for homeowners, condo owners, lessees, tenants and renters.

What Is A Mouse Traps?

Throughout history, mice have been a problem for many human civilizations. Garbage, including food waste, accumulates once people have a fixed settlement. This attracts various pests including mice. There have been numerous remedies devised over the years. One of the most popular include the common mouse trap.

Traps for mice are similar to other traps for animals, except that they are designed specifically for mice. They can also be effective in catching other animals similar sizes such as rats. A mouse trap is set in areas that mice commonly frequent, such as the trail they take to forage for food. This can be around mice nests, holes through the wall or floor, and other less commonly used areas such as the basement or garage.

The most commonly used trap is a spring-loaded bar mouse trap, which features a bait on a step. Once the mouse takes the bait, it will set off the trap and cause the bar of the mouse trap to snap back. This will most likely break the mouse’s neck, leading to a quick death. Then, the body will have to be manually disposed of. The spring-loaded bar mouse trap can be reused.

Why Should You Use A Mouse Trap?

Mice are a common but solvable pest problem. Mice can break into and contaminate stored food, damage furniture, clothing, shoes and electrical wiring, and leave droppings and urine in your home. This is unhygienic and could result in costly replacements. It can even transmit diseases.

The Drawbacks Of Using A Mouse Trap

Mice are extremely intelligent and can learn to avoid traps once they observe what their purpose is. Young mice can learn from older and more experienced mice to avoid traps. Mice are adept at jumping, climbing, and can easily avoid traps.

The spring-loaded bar mouse trap can be temperamental to use because they can set off randomly or not at all, even if the bait is taken. Glue traps are controversial because they do not kill mice humanely. Additionally, the adhesive wears off in time because of dust and other debris. This can require in more replacements. Live traps require relocated the mouse, which can be time consuming. Additionally, if the mouse is released in an area close by, the mouse could find itself back in your home.

Professional Pest Management Could Be The Answer

Our company offers professional pest control services that can solve any mice problem. Our experienced and bonded technicians are ready to take your call. We offer general quotes over the phone and immediate service bookings. Toronto, ON Mouse Traps for the Kitchen call (647) 557-7978.

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