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What’s the difference between pest control and extermination? Dealing with a pest problem in your home can be difficult. Dealing with finding the best pest management services can be even more difficult. This article answers the difference between similar but different pest management solutions. Our company offers pest control Toronto that no other pest management service can beat!

What Is Pest Control?

Pest control involves inspections of properties for pests on-site and management of the pests, if found. This method of pest management can include regular services of inspection and treatments toensure a pest-free environment. This is because pests, such as mice and cockroaches, can commonly re-infest a property.

Pest control services can also include advice to prevent pests through methods such as removing food on the property, sealing entrances that allow pests through, cleaning nest and damaged areas, and relocating animal pests such as raccoons and skunks.

Some common methods of pest control include live traps, which can capture multiple pests simultaneously, relocation of pest and wildlife, and regular traps and pesticides.

What Is Pest Extermination?

Pest extermination involves killing all the pests on the property. There are several methods including pesticides, traps, and fumigation. Fumigation is releasing a pesticide in the form of a gas throughout the home. This method requires professional technicians who are trained in using the pesticides, which are harmful to human health. The benefits of fumigation are that they can target pests living within the structure of the home, which is normally inaccessible to ordinary pesticides and traps.

Pest exterminators can help residents with the choice of extermination method, how to properly use the exterminator tool, and advice on how long the extermination process will take and how effective it is. Some pest extermination methods, such as traps and pesticides, are more effective when the residents follow professional advice.

Which Method Is Better?

The method you should use for your property depends on the type of infestation. Some pests are protected wildlife animals, which would require contacting a professional wildlife service to remove and relocate the animal. Some examples of pests that are illegal to exterminate include raccoons and skunks.

Additionally, such animals nest in areas that are inaccessible to normal extermination methods including traps and pesticides. Young offspring that are not ready to leave the nest will starve to death or die of dehydration if only their parent(s) are caught. This can result in unnecessary animal cruelty and decomposing bodies in hidden areas.

Some pests live in the structure of the home. Examples include termites and carpenter ants. This requires a special extermination method to free the home of pests. Most likely, this will involve professional services that homeowners should not attempt on their own.

Our company offers professional pest control and pest extermination services in Toronto. We are happy to answer any of your questions over the phone. Additionally, we immediately book service appointments and offer general quotes over the phone. Our reliable and professional technicians are eager to hear from you! We Are The Best Toronto, ON Pest Control Exterminator call (647) 557-7978. #pestcontroltoronto

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