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A Canadian summer wouldn't be complete without sunshine, backyard barbecues, and our old friend the wasp.   We love summer, and so do flying, stinging insects.  Have wasps invaded your backyard oasis?   Do they have you running indoors?  Don't let them put a damper on your backyard activities.   At Toronto's Best Pest Control wasps fear us.  We have sent them running from our customers' backyards for decades and we can do that for you too.   Our pest control technicians are trained to outsmart even the craftiest yellowjacket.  We can run the wisest wasps right out of your backyard and have you back in your lawn chair in no time.  


Home is where the heart is, and when it comes to wasps the queen rules the roost, or in this case, the nest.  Locate the nest and you've located the source of your pest problem.  Trouble is, wasps are fearlessly defensive of their nest and of their queen.  When threatened they can be painfully aggressive toward you and your family.  You should avoid wasps whenever possible and do not disturb their nest.  That is a challenge best left to our professionals.  If you see them flying in and out of a certain location that is most likely their nest.  Possible locations where a queen will begin nesting are rodent burrows, openings in walls and ceilings, under eavestroughs and in trees or shrubs.


Like us, the queen survives the long winter and emerges in spring ready to spend some quality time outdoors in your backyard.  She'll search for a place to build her nest, feed, and start her colony.  She may use material from rotting wood and other fibres as building blocks.  Early in summer the colony is still small, but growing.  By late summer and fall there could be thousands of wasps, greatly increasing your chances of being stung  This is why, if you have wasps, you should act as soon a possible.  Being proactive in early spring can help.  Inspect your property, focussing on the areas where you spend the most time outdoors.  Fill voids, cracks, and openings in your home and other structures.  Repair or replace any rotting wood.  And when summer arrives and you're outside, limit the use of perfume, hairspray, lotions containing a sweet fragrance.  Cover up sweet foods, drinks, and empty and remove trash frequently.  


At Toronto's best Pest Control, wasps are no match for our technicians.  Call us now and one of our experts will contact you right away to arrange an appointment at a time that fits your schedule.  We are trained, licensed, and bonded.  When we arrive you will know who you're letting in and be confident the job will be done right.  We will inspect your property for wasp nests and general wasp activity.  We'll locate and remove all nests and treat the area to avoid future problems.  

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