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Stop The Problem In Toronto, ON Skunk Removal

Skunks are generally harmless creatures. They just tend to pack a stinky punch when they feel threatened. Most of the time skunks enjoy taking up residence in your backyard or under decks/porches. You will hardly notice them except for the torn up yard or the potentially smelly in counter. In any case it is recommended that you remove the skunk. If you have a skunk on your property there are a few ways you can approach the situation from afar.

Preventive Measures

It may seem silly to invoke preventive measures when you already have a skunk on your property. But there is a reason the skunk is choosing to live under your deck or in your yard. The skunk is not just getting shelter, it is probably also getting food. Make sure to take away those food sources. Rake up any nuts or berries in your backyard, and make sure that your garbage cans are secure. Second, try to take that other shelter away, close up or take away any other hiding spots the skunk could use for protection. There is a chance that by taking away food and shelter the skunk will leave on his/her own accord.

Deterring Measures

You can also try some deterring measures to get skunks off of your property. Skunks are nocturnal and do not appreciate bright lights. By investing in some bright outdoor lights that run all night you can make your backyard less appealing. Motion activated sprinklers are also another good suggestion in making a skunks habitat unbearable.

However, you run the chance of frightening the animal, causing him or her to spray. If those two approaches don’t work, you can also try chemical repellents. Ammonia and citrus are two smells that skunks do not like. Hanging an ammonia or citrus soaked rag by their hiding spot will drive the animals away. Hot pepper repellent also works; it will deter just about any animal from the area. The drawback is that these sprays only last for a couple of days.

Calling in the experts

If none of those home remedies work, it is best to call the professionals. Trapping an animal on your own can be a frightening and potentially smelly experience for both parties involved. It can also end up in disaster or with the return of your unwanted guest. Our company is one of the most reputable for skunk removal Toronto. Give us a call we can help you out.

Our dependable technicians will safely remove the skunk from your property are relocate it to a wooded area a great distance away from your home. We have our professionals waiting by the phone to answer any questions and provide general quotes. Almost always we are able to book your service appointment right away and can have one of your skilled technicians at your property within 24 hours. Remember sometimes the quickest, cleanest, safest way to skunk removal Toronto is to call in help. Don’t wait! Call today. Stop The Problem In Toronto, ON Skunk Removal call (647) 557-7978.

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