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Wasp Removal From Your Home in Toronto,ON

Wasps are a potentially dangerous pest to have on your property. The venom of wasp stings can provoke a potentially fatal allergic reaction in certain individuals. Additionally, they are a nuisance that are fiercely territorial of the area around their nest. This prevents people from using areas of their property. If you’ve ever wondered if there is a wasp nest in your area, read more to find out. Our experienced technicians have expert advice regarding the identification, behavior, and characteristics of wasp nests.

How To Identify A Wasp

Most wasp nests are located outside. The most common sign of a wasp nest is the constant presence of wasps around it. Wasps will frequently fly from and to the nest in order to forage for food and bring other resources to the colony. The wasp nests are built in a characteristic honeycomb shape, similar to the nests built by honeybees.

When Do Wasps Nest?

Wasps always start building a new nest in the spring time or when the weather becomes warm enough that there is little risk of a frost. This is because wasps never reuse an old nest from a previous year. Wasp nests are not winter-proof. The queen wasps will hibernate overwinter.

Where Do Wasps Like To Nest?

Wasp nests come in the hanging-type and the ground-type. Hanging-type nests are frequently found on trees, walls, fences, and roofs in residential properties. The ground-type can be found in the yard and other areas that are not prone to flooding and are less commonly used.

Wasps can build nests indoors if there is an entrance allowing the wasps to freely enter and exit the building. Some common locations that wasp nests have been found inside homes include attics and garages. These areas are less commonly used by the household and can become infested with wasps as a result.

How To Remove Wasps And Their Nests From Your Property

The best way to remove wasps and their nests from your property is to hire a professional exterminator. This is because many wasp control methods can provoke the colony to attack. As a result, injuries may occur to people, some of which can be serious. Always wear protective clothing such as thick long-sleeved shirts and pants. Use thick work gloves and wear a protective insect net around your head, face, and neck that has been designed to protect against wasp stings.

Our company provides professional wasp removal services in the Toronto region. We have years of experience in handling wasp infestations to prevent any damages to property or any injuries to people and pets. Numerous families recommend our services to solve their wasp problems.

Our reliable and trustworthy technicians can remove wasps and their nests from your property safely and quickly. We are happy to take your calls and to answer any of your questions. Call now for a general quote over the phone. We will book your service appointment immediately. We look forward to hearing from you! Wasp Removal From Your Home in Toronto,ON call (647) 557-7978.

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