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Bats are one of those little critters often associated with country living and barns. On top of that, they keep to themselves and prefer not to be seen by humans. So it can come as a surprise to city dwellers that bats live here too, often coming out at dusk in parks. They can even use your home as a dwelling, particularly old roofs, attics, and garages. Places that don’t get a lot of human traffic. Whether you live in the country of the city, if you have bats living in your home, it is best to get rid of them as soon as you can.

Complications in Getting Rid of Bats

There are a number of species of bats that are protected under provincial law in Ontario. Killing as a means of ridding your home of these nighttime creatures is not an option for this reason. You must go about it in a humane way.

Look into provincial laws and guidelines before making any moves in kicking them out of your home. Research must also be conducted in regards to the breeding season of bats. Otherwise what might end up happening is that you successfully rid yourself of the mother, but are left with a litter of bat pups that are unable to fly away, or fend for themselves. These would then become your responsibility.

This season varies according to the latitude in which you live. By August it is usually safe to go about bat removal in your structure. Winter is also a hard time to deal with this problem due to the conditions outside in combination with the fact that the bats will spend less time outside of their nest and home. Due to all of these complications surrounding rat removal, professional assistance is often recommended.

Methods Employed

One of the most important tactics to prevent bats returning to your home is to locate points of entry and seal them up. This can be tricky because some species can enter through holes the size of a dime. You need to know what to look for, all the while avoiding coming into contact with bat droppings as they can cause flu-like symptoms. Moth balls and pet repellant have been used to ward off these animals to varying degrees of success.

Professionals use nets that allow bats to exit but not to enter. This is the best way to ensure that when you are sealing the entrance points, you are not also sealing some inside. Professionals also know what to look for when finding these entrances.

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