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There are many methods that are recommended to exterminate ants. Ants are a nuisance in the home, can get into food, and even damage furniture. Nests can be found in the yard of a residential property or even inside a home. This article outlines several reliable methods to prevent ants from entering your home, ant deterrents, and how to eliminate ants. Our company offers professional ant extermination services to households across Whitby.

Where Can Ants Be Found

Ants live in large colonies that range from thousands to millions. They build nests in the ground and inside homes. Ants will forage the area around them in search of food. This often leads to conflicts with people as they invade homes with an abundance of food.

What Is A Reliable Method To Kill Ants

The first step is to prevent ants from entering your home. This means sealing any cracks with caulk. Caulk can be purchased in a variety of home hardware stores. Check your windows, doors, and all around the perimeter of your home for breaks that allow ants through. Use the caulk to seal in the holes or breaks. Ants can enter in any small break that leads from outside to the inside, including open windows and doors. Install insect screens on your windows and regularly inspect them for any damages. Repair immediately if you notice a hole. Additionally, keep your doors closed if you’re not using it.

One method of deterring ants from entering your home is to put a line of salt all around the perimeter of your home. Salt is an irritant to ants and they will naturally avoid it. Sprinkle salts on areas such asthe entrance of your door, near windows, and at the edge of walls. Ants also detest vinegar. It is a natural deterrent as ants avoid the smell of it. Spray it around areas that you see ants.

For ants that you find around the home, squashing them with a cloth dampened with a general cleaner or a diluted bleach mixture is effective. However, the ants you see on the surface is only a small fraction of the ant colony in your area. In order to eliminate an ant problem, you must deal with the nest.

How To Effectively Get Rid Of An Ant Infestation

The most important factor to getting rid of an ant infestation is getting rid of the ant colony’s queen. This means inspecting your property for ant nest(s), and following the proper procedures to eliminating it. Carefully check your yard for any raised ant hills. Once you have located it, carefully dig into it to expose the tunnels. Then pour boiling hot water on the ant nest. This will kill the ants and when effectively done, eliminate the entire colony.

Professional Ant Extermination Services In Whitby

Our company offers trusted and effective ant extermination services. Our reliable and professional technicians are ready to take your call and answer your questions. We offer general quotes over the phone and immediate bookings for service. Call now! Working In Whitby, ON Exterminator Kill Ants call (647) 557-7978.

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