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Problem Solved Whitby, ON Exterminator Kill Ants

Across North American, Ants are seen as one of the most frequent home invaders. They’re small, smart and always in search of food and water. Our homes have plenty of food available, making ants more than eager to move right in. They’ll make themselves comfortable and they will refuse to leave on their own accord.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to get rid your home of ants, but how do the professionals do it? There are two ways in which professional pest controllers kill ants. They can be applied separately or together depending on your home’s ant infestation.

The First Method

The first method that professionals use to kill ants is the bait method. Pest control professionals will combine a toxic and slow acting poison with a food source that the ants love. Ants will eat some of the poisoned source and carry it back to their colonies with them. Baiting is a great way to inflict damage directly onto the ant source. Place the bait where ants have been seen trialing or foraging and wait.

It is important to remember not to kill ants that are trailing to a bait station, as those ants will bring the poison back to the colony. The more poison that gets back to the colony, the quicker it is destroyed.

The Second Method

The second method that professionals use to kill ants is contact insecticides. Technicians will use an insecticide solution to effectively drench an ant nest. This is typically the best method for dealing with ants that don’t fall for the bait trap, like carpenter ants. Experienced technicians will also make sure to spray other existing secondary nests in order to make sure the colony is truly extinct.

Besides spraying, technicians can also apply an insecticidal dust into your walls. This is especially helpful when dealing with carpenter ants. The technician will drill small holes near the base of the walls; the insecticidal dust is then inserted into the holes. As ants move through the area they become covered by the toxic dust that they will take back to the nest. Remember, insecticidal chemical use should be left up to trained professionals.

These technicians know the proper dosages, and how to properly use the chemicals. They can make sure that you or your family don’t come to harm from improper chemical usage.

Contacting Professionals

It is best to give professionals a call if you are experience an ant infestation. Our well-qualified technicians will make sure to get rid of the ants you see, and the ones you don’t. By making sure the nests, and the queen are taken care of further infestation is likely not to occur. Give us a call, we have our professionals standing by to answer your questions and provide general quotes. We can book your service appointment as quickly as possible to ensure that a trained, reputable technician is at your property as soon as possible. Don’t let ants take control of your house, take control back by giving us a call. Problem Solved Whitby, ON Exterminator Kill Ants call (647) 557-7978.

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