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Yes Roof Rats Really Exist in Toronto ON, M6L

Rats are a common issue in households in Toronto but do roof rats really exist? These rodents can live in a variety of different places such as basements, garages, kitchens, drywalls, attics, and more.

The roof rat can cause a variety of damages to a home and be a general nuisance. Learn more about these pests and how to effectively get rid of them by reading on. Our company offers professional services to eliminate any roof rat(s) in your home!

All About The Roof Rat In Your Home Or Neighborhood

The roof rat, also known by their scientific name of Rattus rattus, are a special of rodent. Like other rats, they share similar characteristics in that they all have:

  • small, fur-covered bodies that range from black to gray to brown

  • a long tail and specialized claws for climbing, digging, and foraging

  • large ears and eyes and an acute sense of smell

  • a pointed body

Rats are highly adaptable and intelligent creatures. They can live in nearly environment, urban or rural. Additionally, they can easily navigate through a home and find their way to food, nesting materials, and more.

The Difference Between Regular Rats And The Root Rat

The differences between a regular rat and the root rat are that the latter are adept at climbing and prefer to live in high places. The nest of a roof rat can be found in a variety of different places such as roofs (hence their name), attics, trees, and so on.

The roof rat prefers to eat fruits and their diet consists of seeds, grains, meat, and plant materials, They are also known for storing extra food for future consumption. Their food hiding spots may contain nuts and seeds.

The Dangers Of Having A Roof Rat In Your Home

The roof rat can cause a variety of damages to your home. Since they prefer to nest in higher areas, this can cause damages to your walls and ceilings. Additionally, they can leave gnaw marks on furnitures, fabrics, clothing, and more.

Rats can be carriers of a variety of diseases and infections that are transmittable to humans. Their bites can cause serious infections that require medical attention. Additionally, the dust from their droppings are a potential lung irritant and a possible way to catch an infection.

The Signs Of A Roof Rat

The most easily recognized sign of a rat infestation is sighting living or dead rats. Another way to identify a rodent pest problem is to find their droppings which appear as small hard, pointed droppings that range from 12-13 mm in length.

Professional Services To Eliminate Any Roof Rat In Your Home

Our technicians are trusted experts in removing the roof rat from homes across Toronto. We offer services in home inspection, rat population management, and professional pest control services.

Find out why numerous satisfied customers have relied on our products and services. Call now to speak to one of our representatives and learn more! Yes Roof Rats Really Exist in Toronto ON, M6L call (647) 557-7978.

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