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Bat Removal in Durham Region ON

Bats are one of those mammals that are useful to in one hand but harmful in the other hand. Their usefulness comes from the fact that they help in insect reduction since they can kill up to two thousand insects in a single night. Despite this fact, a lot of Durham Region residents prefer to use other methods for killing insects than let bats do it for them. This is because bats have other undesirable characteristics such as producing irritating droppings and smell. Besides, their urine can easily damage the attic region as well as the ceiling board and make them look very ugly.

Bats and rabies
Did you know that the vast majority of rabies cases reported in Canada are caused by the rabies virus from bats? This is by far the single most reason why everyone would not appreciate the presence of bats and will get ways of getting rid of them very fast. The virus is transmitted mainly due the close proximity that the bats can at times have with the occupants of the house. But you do not need to face such risks when we have the best methods of how to get rid of bats.

Bat removal services
When you contact us for bat removal in Durham Region ON, we will respond promptly by sending a technician to do a thorough inspection of your home. This will be followed by comprehensive report on the best ways to deal with the infestation. But since the bats cannot be exterminated or trapped, we use a variety of methods that are legal to get rid of the bats. These include spraying the area they have infested with an appropriate deodorant to chase them away. Therefore if you are suffering from bat infestation, avoid the risk of contracting rabies by contacting the Pest Control Crew for immediate solutions.

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