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Bird Removal Durham Region ON

Bird Removal in Durham Region ON

Dealing with bird removal pest control in Durham Region is a bird infestation problem can present a challenge given the fact that the extermination of certain species is protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty. The species protected under this treaty include sparrow, pigeon and staling. But this should not mean that the birds are free to spoil our property without any measures of retribution. Due to this, we offer excellent bird control services that are guaranteed to keep the actions of the annoying birds at bay.

What we do
We primarily have different methods of bird control. The method chosen however depends on the type of bird in question and its immediate location. If you are facing an infestation yet you don’t know what kind of bird is bothering you, feel free to contact us and one of our experienced operators will make a visit to your premises, identify the birds and come up with a quote of controlling the infestation. This is a no obligation phone consultation which you can use to conduct the estimates of the cost that the whole exercise might require.

Why work with us
Our reputation in bird pest control Durham Region ON speaks for itself. We are keen to abide by all the regulations and treaties that support certain species of birds. Due to this, we have a variety of options for dealing with birds of each of the different species. Some of the techniques we use include the use of bird spikes, bird netting and welded wire mesh. Other than using these safe methods for bird infestation control, we also have extremely competitive prices. We believe that you need to be free from the nuisance caused by the infestations without having to spend a fortune. This is why we make the services affordable so that anyone can get.  

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