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We are some of the most complicated insects given the fact that they will not only attack your pets but you as well. This makes its infestation such a complicated matter that requires the services of a trusted and reputable flea exterminator to get rid of all of them. You might think that taking your pet for a dip will be enough to get rid of them but it is important to pinpoint their source in order to eliminate them completely. This is why we present you with the best options for flea pest control. If you or your pet is bothered by these insects, waste no minute and call us immediately.

How to identify a flea infestation
Fleas are generally small in size and you might fail to notice them unlike cockroaches or bees which you can easily see with your eyes. But you don’t have to be a flea pest control expert in order to recognize that your house or your pets have been infested by fleas. When your pet begin to scratch and groom themselves consistently, this could be a pointer to the fact the fleas are causing them discomfort. In order to confirm the infestation, look in their underbelly and you will notice the tiny insects sprawling them. The other method to identify flea infestation is to look out for flea dirt. There are flea feces that look like coarse ground pepper and you will find them in places like pet beds, rugs and any other place that the pets like to rest.

What happens if you don’t treat fleas?
One of the inherent dangers of failing to conduct flea extermination in good time is the occurrence of flea borne diseases and allergies. This will causing your pet discomfort as well as the horrible bites you will get from them. Avoid these problems by enlisting our services of flea extermination and pest control from the Pest Control Crew. We will make your home and pet comfortable and free from these tiny but extremely irritating insects. We proudly service Durham Region, Toronto and GTA areas. Flea Exterminator in Durham Region ON call (647) 499-8282.

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